Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can it be TRUE?

The Bears and Jay Cutler won big over the Dallas Cowboys in the Dallas Palace of Fine Football in Arlington, Texas, in the Cowboys home opener. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I may have been wrong in my condemnation of spending all that money for Cutler because the man was on top of it. It was offense and defense playing the game, and not just the defense trying to make the best of it. They beat the Cowboys on their home turf and I am delighted. Today, all the coaches are great. All the players are terrific. And I ate some very tasty Chinese food, leftover from last night's takeaway.

Haiku of pity
Safety Major Wright!
He breaks an index finger,
then pulls a hammy.

As I watched the game, two things were immediately apparent. Number one is that I truly don't know jackshit about football. Really, were I a cartoon character watching the game, there would be a whole lot of question-mark thought balloon floating above my head the whole time with the occasional exclamation point when I realized I understood something. Number two: Dallas Palace of Fine Football knocks me out. If I went anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I would pay to take a tour of the place because the Dallas Palace of Fine Football is off the freaking hook.

Will I stop writing about sports and football in particular? Oh, hell. no. I still have opinions and I am going to share and, perhaps, my readership will grow beyond one well-drawn but supportive follower.


America's Got Talent, the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, is over and singer Michael Grimm gave a terrific performance to win. Prince Poppycock and Fighting Gravity will both end up with Las Vegas shows -- and they should because they are both unusual and talented acts. Michael Grimm, fingers crossed, will get a nice fat recording contract. Ten-year-old opera singer Jackie Evancho, if she takes the advice of her own idol, Sarah Brightman, will enjoy being a kid and not throw her voice away too early. (I paraphrase but it was good advice.) (Girlfriend hasn't had braces or been in love or entered junior high, even. She should continue to study voice and other things and she will have a great singing career ahead of her.)

A haiku of farewell
Many bad/good acts!
America's Got Talent:
See you next summer.

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