Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheese curds for everyone

Our division rival has been sent home to the northern part of Wisconsin to think about what they did. What did they do? THEY LOST! Suck it, losers! I mean, oh, how unsportsmanlike of me. It was a good game (it was). But the Bears, shock of shocks, have become a real team with real players and real bitches (fine, wide receivers and whatever else catches a ball). Greg Olsen grabbed it on the run. Devin Hester took flight and when he landed, he was the royal Bear.

The ESPN announcers (the game was locally broadcast on WCIU, Channel 26 for those, like me, who are cable deficient) talked about Aaron Rodgers like he was something tasty they came upon at a breakfast buffet. Yeah, Rodgers is good but, yo, jerks, Jay Cutler WON. I wonder what goes through the heads of sports commentators. When they get home, do they shut up? When they sit at a table with friends or family, do they listen? Is it all just spouting and pontificating and opining? What do they do when they realize they are just a bunch of gasbags? Nothing, because they are too busy being full of themselves for having lives beyond the gridiron or beyond local TV. Are they even a little introspective?

Of course, there were other things to attend to during the game. Like watching all of "How I Met Your Mother," the second half of "House," and "The Event." The latter has so many things that remind one (fine, me) of dearly departed "LOST," that one (yeah, yeah) realizes that giving it a skip is a very good idea. Or working on a romance novel instead. At the expense of watching my beloved Bears, I put my face to the Temple of TV and regarded other offerings. I could have been watching the game. I was seduced by other flickering images. I should have been watching the game.

Cheese curd haiku
Precious golden balls
purchased at a cheese castle,
so fresh that they squeak.

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