Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bye Week Fever and Reflection

That "feeling poorly" of last week turned into a full-blown festival of fever that made me miss two days of work.  It seems I'd literally rather die than miss work as I was sitting at my desk and taking calls with a temperature of 101.4.  I finally called my doc who got me some lovely antibiotics (it wasn't the flu; I know the difference and so does my doctor) and I went home and took the meds and then my fever went to 102.4 and stayed there long enough for me to reflect on my actions.  I decided that if I survived I would never again go to work with a fever in excess of 100.  I also decided that I will buy a new car in 2011.  That is pretty much it for honest disease-inspired reflection.  I was relieved that October 31st would be a bye week because then I could write about something easier like the upcoming political races.

It occurred to me that sports statistics are very much like history except that those who know statistics are not doomed to repeat them.  Because they are affixed to something someone might find pleasurable or interesting or simply worthy of their attention because it is less serious in nature, the knowledge of them is more easily acquired.  That is why Joe Blow might not give a crap about the mid-term election but is really concerned about Drew Brees and what he and the Saints will do to the Steelers tonight.  It isn't a weighty issue so Joe can give it his full-on attention and still be able to pay attention to other issues like the Rangers vs. the Giants in the World Series or how satisfying his favorite beer is.  Joe will even get impatient with his neighbor who is very much into Democrat vs. Republican vs. Tea Party vs. Independent because does it really matter?

Yeah, Joe, it does.  This and every other race is pivotal as it sculpts the face of our day-to-day lives.  It says who will be running things, passing bills, using his/her connections for whom or for what, and enforces opinions to be the boss of you, i.e. pass laws.  The big game, while pleasurable, is a game.  The election shapes your life.


As a guilty pleasure, I enjoy screaming at my television set.  I usually save it for the years of presidential elections or months that end in "R" as in "screams at the TV set 'R' always in season" but I found a new source of being aggravated this morning.   It is the local Fox affiliate that has Fox Game Day Live featuring a couple of ex-Bears, a guy who used to be on a different channel doing something else, and Jeff Joniak, a local broadcaster. One of the two ex-Bears actually wondered if the offensive line were intentionally playing this way per the coaching of Mike Martz.  That was when I started screaming.

"NO!  NO IT ISN'T INTENTIONAL! OTHERWISE MIKE MARTZ WOULD NOT HAVE LOOKED LIKE HE WAS GOING TO BARF DURING THE 4TH QUARTER LAST WEEK! INTENTIONAL?!?  RISKING THE LIVES OF HIS QUARTERBACKS IS INTENTIONAL?"  Otherwise, I have no strong opinion there except for "ARE YOU THE ONE WHO HAD THE FEVER THIS WEEK THAT COOKED YOUR BRAIN?"  There was other bout of light yelling which made me see I need to watch this show regularly during the remainder of the season.  Usually, I grow tired of the political stuff that's winding me up and simply change the station; but this is football and all their blabbing is so ridiculous and nonpartisan that after the show is over I feel well vented, pleased, and refreshed.

The local show was followed by Fox Sunday NFL Sports Spectacle of Frippery and Fanfare Live, which everyone knows I love/hate for the Pocket Squares and Ties Guys.  They did not disappoint.  Curt wore yellow-yellow.  Howie had red-red.  Terry was bedecked in purply pink-purply pink while Jimmy got purple-purple.  Michael Strahan wore a grayish three-piece suit and a chartreuse-striped tie and, of course, won my admiration again for not caving to what appears to be sports-commentator convention.  I saw exactly three minutes of the show and then family members very kindly came and fetched me and we went out.  After being sick all those days and it being Bye Week, it was nice to be out among people, breathing fresh air, and not sitting and watching the TV, screaming because someone is a bigger knucklehead than me about football, which is really saying something.

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  1. Screaming's good for you. Especially if you don't get much exercise. I'm just sad that legalized pot didn't pass. ;-)