Monday, October 4, 2010

Sacks-a-poppin' in the Meadowlands

Last night's bloodbath in the Meadowlands featured the New York Giants not so much outplaying the Bears as making Jay Cutler look like he outbid others in a charity auction for the chance to be the starting QB. As you may recall from earlier posts, I am sometimes watching other TV shows or sleeping instead of devotedly watching a game. Last night I watched the whole sad thing, even crying out, "Oh, come on!" when His Jayness was sacked for the fifth time. I wondered why Lovie didn't just yank him, out because if there was "stuff" in Jay, said "stuff" had gone to other parts of the Meadowlands, maybe looking for a good spot for birdwatching. On the ninth sack, a personal worst for Jay and probably anyone else ever (but maybe not for someone who won the job at a celebrity auction), the Giants defensive line knocked him so hard that he knocked his head. And thus ended the first half.

The second half featured Todd Collins, 16 years in the NFL but super-duper sackable, to be just like Jay. Once sacked and suffering a neck injury, Todd went away and was replaced by Caleb Hanie, who, in fact, managed to get sacked. Yay! Everyone participates!

Brian Urlacher seems be back on it and as one of the Olympic Gods, he should be on it. Julius Peppers is proving to be a driving force who is well worth the loot that was spent to get him. Robbie Gould scored our only 3 points with a 40-yard kick and is, as ever, my own personal favorite Bear. Otherwise I was gobsmacked, flabbergasted, shocked, and dismayed by what I saw which was QBs dropping like things that get hit hard and then fall down similarly hard.

Fingers crossed that Messrs. Cutler and Collins are okay but, seriously, we ditched Kyle Orton who appears to be having a great season and hasn't been sacked nine times in the first half of one game.

Head injury haiku
Sacks, sacks, and more sacks.
Concussed QBs leave the game.
WTF was that?

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