Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Bears Don't Need Me to Watch and Six Things of Which I Am Fond

This morning I was given the opportunity to go out to couple of stores, to lunch in Chinatown, then to the library and the post office with family members.  I could do that on a lovely day in Chicago or I could stay home and watch Fox Football Sunday Featuring Men followed by the Bears vs. the Vikings.  As regular readers (mostly unidentified) of this blog will note, I love me some Chicago Bears.  Why, I don't know, but I love 'em.  Loving me some Chicago Bears goes against everything I have every thought I believed in my life and no, I don't have a brain tumor.  Things change and since I really do enjoy learning new things and am very curious about almost everything, it is really not that weird that I have said affection for this team.  However, I like socializing with people and I especially like having a good meal in Chinatown and getting my mail so I chose to not assist the Bears with my viewing and went out instead.

We visited T.J. Maxx where I scored a reusable shopping bag with shades of pink and a silhouette of the Eiffel Tower for 99 cents.  Then we were off to Chinatown.

We had a meal of lamb with cumin, eggplant in garlic sauce, and I-don't-know-the-real-name-but-it-was-pork-belly-and-mushrooms-as-a-stew.  There was rice.  There was lovely spicy cabbage as a starter.  The mystery pork belly must assuredly be prepared in a delicious and satisfying form but this was not it.  It was okay and I did try it twice to make sure, but it wasn't my favorite.  One day we'll stumble on the preferred way to eat it.   But I ask this:  If we don't try different things, how will we know it's not our favorite thing?

And then we went to Target.  There were some sensationally bad fake Xmas trees but WTF was with the lime-green aluminum Xmas tree?  We saw huge, steroidal Xmas ornaments and poorly executed ornaments that with a smidge more thought and care would have been fabulous but instead just looked cheap.  We looked at charming Xmas lights that were pine-cone shaped or shaped like small round balls.  I spent $3 total on some things I can use like Trident.  I know -- let's go crazy.

When I go to the library, I like checking out lots of books of various subjects like psychology (mostly that offer a way to a new better me which is slamming the old me and that person doesn't even know me but whatever), wedding planning (step one, find a spouse), home decorating (step one, tidy up, girl!), or exercise (step one, crack open the book, even for a glance).  We all gathered books, walked over to the post office, and then I was taken home in time to have missed the entire game.  This is when I went to the computer and made my discovery that the Bears don't need me.

The Bears beat the Vikings and are tied for first in the NFC North.  It seems Brett Favre -- the actual Thing Who Wouldn't Leave -- was intercepted thrice and the Bears won 27-13.  Great news!  Maybe what they needed was me not sitting and watching.   Somehow, the Universe sent the message that I was out and about, that I like a nice winning game where the opponent is crushed decisively, and it was a good idea to play that game today.  Which is fine.  Bears fans are happy, I am happy, I don't have to talk about how the offensive line sucks or how Mike Martz looked like he might barf.  I can just say, "Yippee!" and think about the nice afternoon I had.  This doesn't mean I am not going to watch; it means I didn't watch this week.  Thursday they play against the rumored-to-be-not-so-good-this-year Miami Dolphins.  This means they will have one (1) day of practice before they play but I have all kinds of fingers that are being crossed.


Six Things of Which I Am Fond

1.  Paris, France.  If I am feeling flush and the dollar is doing well against the Euro, there is nothing I like more than a trip to Paris.  The aforementioned Eiffel Tower?  I am pretty in love with it.  Yes, I speak enough French to get me around.  No, I don't think the people are rude.

2.  United States Post Office Boxes.  I've had a post office box since 1989 when the mailbox of a neighbor in a not-so-secure building got popped open and their mail stolen.  Since then I've enjoyed the luxury of someone else looking after my mail.  Even though the present Chicago location where I've my PO box is experiencing a severe work slowdown in that people retired and were not replaced; even though I won't renew my Newsweek and Time magazine subscriptions because getting news a week late is useless; even though I know mail delivery in the suburbs is far superior, I will not get rid of my PO Box because I just love not having to worry about mail being stolen.  (Note on 28 December 2010:  A new box person has been hired and things appear to again be timely.)

3.  The Chicago Bears.   I wish I weren't but I am fond of them.  This fondness is accompanied by my fondness Fox Pocket Square Men in Suits Featuring Excessive Bla Bla Bla and Sports Stats Live.

4.  Trying something new because the new thing might turn out to be my favorite.

5.  Vacations out of town (non-Paris).  I am energized by a vacation where I am going from morning to night.  For me, a beach vacation is akin to torture to which sand and water vistas have been added.

6.  Dannon coffee-flavored yogurt.  It is 6 ounces of tasty.  It used to be 8 ounces of tasty but don't get me started.

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