Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bloodbath in the snow; we know who did it.

I am certain everyone knows how bad the weather in the Midwest has been the past couple of days.  There was so much snow in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, the excessive snowfall caused the roof of the Metrodome to collapse.  First, the plane carrying the New York Giants was diverted to Kansas City.  The game was delayed until Monday night.  Next, the Giants got into the Twin Cities late Saturday night; sometime in the early a.m., someone in the hotel pulled a fire alarm.  Then, the roof of the Metrodome collapsed, snow and water pouring in.  (They had cameras on the dome and the crap was torn out of that roofing material.)  They considered clearing the snow out the stadium at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, but the Giants thought they'd be playing indoors and didn't bring cleats PLUS the stadium had been winterized (I can only assume that fluids were flushed and anti-freeze added to the seats).  Finally, the NFL decided the two teams would play at a nice, warm indoor arena that is free on Monday night -- Ford Field in Detroit -- and if you have a ticket to the game and can get to Detroit, you will have your choice of seats with the remaining seats available for free on a first-come-first-served basis.  Aggravating for Minnesota Vikings fans but what a great bonus for Michiganders/Canadians/Ohioans who love them some pro football.  I don't care either way, but I suspect Eli Manning and company do some Viking clock cleaning, just as they would have were they at the Metrodome.  (Author comment on 13 Dec.:  Yup, the Giants creamed the Vikings, 21-3.  Geriatric QB Brett Favre really was making a difference; with a shoulder injury, the results were nothing like they might have been had Favre played.  Eh, who am I kidding?  The Vikings were just gonna lose this one no matter what.)

As for my beloved Bears, JULIUS PEPPERS SACKED TOM BRADY and there was a very nice touchdown, with Robbie Gould getting the extra point, but other than that, it was a bloodbath out on the snowy, windy field. Officials had to carve yard lines into the snow so everyone could tell how far anyone had gone.  The ball was slippery.  It was stinking cold and there was a wind.  Please note that they have cold weather in Boston, Tom Brady is a very talented QB, the Patriots are a good, cohesive team, and their coach is quite bright.  In other words, it was about even to start but the Patriots won spectacularly, 36-7.  P.S. It is still snowing and perhaps the Pats' homebound flight will be delayed.  Yo!  Pats!  If you lived here, you'd be home now!  I know that makes no sense but I am all discombobulated because the Bears lost and I was getting used to the Bears winning.  I still dream of January ball.  One of the talking footballs heads said the head coach of the Pats gave his players frozen footballs for practice and told them to get used to it.  Yeah, I think they were used to it.


Speaking of blood, I encourage everyone to please consider donating a pint in this time of giving.  If you are able bodied, find a local blood bank or find out if there is a blood drive in you area and, I say it again, if you are able bodied, go and squeeze out a pint.  I try to donate whole blood every eight weeks and usually accomplish this goal.  I have veins like drainpipes so the whole process goes quickly for me.  I like to say that they wave the needle over my vein and blood just transfers to the bag on it own.  I don't suggest you go if you have eensy veins and they never seem to find it when you are having an annual blood test, or you have tried to donate and it takes a long time to get anything into the bag, or you always faint afterward.  If you are a super-skinny person, you will probably be refused, too.  But if you are healthy person who likes having a little bag of white cheddar popcorn and a container of apple juice every other month as a reward, please make the time to donate a pint.  This gift really does save lives.

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