Sunday, December 19, 2010

To tide you over until Tuesday

The Bears and the Vikings will have at each other in the frozen north on Monday night, outdoors in the stadium at the University of Minnesota on totally frozen ground that may be covered by Astroturf.  A hard, hard, hard, hard surface coupled with Brett Favre out with his shoulder injury (this is what you get for being the Thing Who Wouldn't Leave, Brett) and a rookie QB as the starter make things look pretty hopeful for my personal Bears.  Because there is nothing else for me to write about until Tuesday evening as the game will end right about when I go to bed (leave me alone; I get up at 5:15 a.m.), I offer these two things.

1.  Today is my birthday, so Happy Birthday To Me.  Last night my sister and her family took me out to a wonderful meal of Polish cooking which we all enjoyed very much (and the leftovers of which made a very nice albeit massive birthday breakfast).

2.  My younger niece made a lovely video which she posted on You Tube which I share here:


Back on Tuesday with game opinions.

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