Sunday, January 30, 2011

And it looks like Cutler's just another victim

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Last week I thought that was it for the season.  Game over, the Bears lost, and everyone will start thinking about next season.  Au contraire.  I arrived at work on Monday and Lady Football send me an instant message saying she thought Jay choked, caved, and fell to the pressure of an NFL final.  She used the words, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."  Lady Football is a bright and sensible woman. If she suggests Jay choked, it merits consideration.  However, doctors and coaches were racing about flailing their arms (in general, flailing isn't a good look for anyone) and saying he had a tear in a knee ligament that would take several weeks to repair.  Jay didn't need surgery as it could be repaired with several weeks of rest.  This would have all gone away except Jay is whipped.

The Frank Loesser musical, "Guys and Dolls," has a title song with lyrics such as "when a bum buys wine like some bum can't afford, it's a cinch that the bum is under the thumb of some little broad." Whenever I see a big burly guy walking an eensy dog, words from this particular song spring to mind. (There are many verses and all are amusing.)  So when a bum gets $40 million for four years and can't tell his girlfriend he can't take her to the mall, well, the man is indulging in the first whipped topping for cats.  Jay's gal pal was on some reality show or other that I've never seen -- I don't have cable and am not a particular fan of reality shows unless it's "Dancing with the Stars," and even then I prefer the results show.  A coworker of mine loves reality shows and said, here paraphrased, the GF is beautiful but uncharitable and rather self-absorbed.  This appears to be quite the case as she'd rather have her injured athlete beau trot her with her for exploratory merchandising than tell him to heal and remain a gravy train in good standing with his team and his fans.

I still believe Jay hurt himself.  I also believe Todd Collins, the second string QB, will not be playing pro ball next year and I hoped he saved his money or maybe bought a big boat so he can take football loving men on fishing trips off the coast of Florida ("Fish with a Bear!").  But I digress.  I think Jay hurt himself and could not finish the game BUT when he got to California, his gal pal said, "Oh, it's just the mall!  Who's going to see you?  No one cares about your injury in Los Angeles!  Come on!" and whipped as he is, off they went, only to run into a TMZ cameraman.

TMZ is the brain child of Harvey Levin, a clever and personable attorney who saw that Americans love celebrity gossip.  TMZ which features smart, personable young people in a large newsroom, pitching their tidbits of celeb info to Harvey to be featured on the show.  TMZ has a website and a daily TV show and a daily broadcast in the website.  TMZ has cameramen all over LA -- at airports, hot restaurants, Rodeo Drive, popular shopping malls.  TMZ's staff includes young men who think JC's GF is super hot and so they cover her doings regularly.  Like if they run into her at the mall.  With her BF.  The Chicago Bears QB who supposedly hurt his knee four days prior.

The TMZ cameraman asked what they were buying at the mall, a question GF didn't answer.  (The attitude seemed to be haughty indifference with a soupcon of mental F-bombs.)  Harvey and the other football fans said he should have asked about the game, the injury, the loss of the of Lombardi Trophy.  I disagree.  I think he should have asked this, "Jay, were you always so whipped or is it just this particular, errr, kitty cat?"  That was the right question for Jay; it's my story and I am sticking to it.

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