Sunday, January 23, 2011

The end of the season, y'all

I really thought the Bears were going to suck the chrome off multiple trailer hitches this year, but there we were at the NFC Championship game in Soldier Field with home-field advantage.  Yeah, fine, we lost but it wasn't a massacre, with special kudos to Caleb Hanie who got points on the board.  No Superbowl XLV for us but we can be proud of what they did, can't we?  H-e-double-hockeysticks yes, I say emphatically.

The Bears won their division!  They got past Jay Cutler being the most sackable QB in the entire league, Jay started turning loose the ball, the bitches (yes, wide receivers, yes) caught and ran, the defense was as good as one expects a Bears defense to be (which is very good), and the Bears won games.  Once they and their coaching staff got it all together, there was no shame in their game.

Yes, y'all, I am going to watch Superbowl XLV but mostly to see The Black-Eyed Peas whom I find awesome.  The Steelers and the Packers can bitch slap each other raw with herrings but all that can't compare with the classic song, "Shut Up."  Since the Bears are out, not much really can (although smacking with herrings instead of making touchdowns has now captured my imagination).

Allow me to be the first to say it for the 2011-2012 season:  Go Bears!


OMG!  LOOK WHO WAS IN CHICAGO FOR THE GAME!!  The Pocket Square Guys, three of whom did not wear hats.  It was 16 degrees at game time with a nice wind whipping off the lake.  Soldier Field is spitting distance from the lake, in case you don't know, and three of them are more concerned with post-hat appearance than with staying warm and healthy.   Bottom line:  I will miss these guys.  In a non-election year (except for the City of Chicago which is having a mayoral election in February -- because nothing says you must really want to vote like an election in February in Chicago -- and then maybe a runoff election and then what happens anew almost immediately?  2012 Presidential Primary Fever, for which there is no vaccine), they gave me a reason to scream at my TV, which it seems I enjoy very much.  I would have been so excited had I seen them on the street here in town, but since I was at my friend's house last night and not downtown, the chance of me running into the PSGs was pretty stinking remote.  Maybe next year!  But not Jimmy.

No, not the moon over Soldier Field but the reflection of my light fixture on the TV.
Mine is a high-tech operation(and the pic is still no doubt property of FOX Sports).

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