Sunday, January 9, 2011

What did I do to celebrate the playoff bye week?

Nonfootball things, thanks for asking.  At L'Eiffel Bistrot I had a nice lunch of a ratatouille/chicken/goat cheese crepe, delicious charcuterie (including a kangaroo pate), and some freaking tasty coffee.  My dear friend and I met up at a mall that is midway between our residences and we enjoyed conversation, shopping, and a cold but very clear day.  It was a great afternoon.  We ended by visiting a chocolate bar/gift shop that is ridiculously girly and charming and pleasant and fun.  It is called Anna Shea and I want to visit again next week and drink a giant pot of coffee and a bonbon or half of a cupcake.  Anna Shea is perfect for mid-shopping relaxation or a wedding shower or a bridal shower or a birthday party.  It's all the way out in South Barrington so if you are in that neck of the woods, stop and relax for no other reason than it's pretty and girly and fun.  If you're a manly man, it might make you twitchy.

As soon as I got home, I turned on the TV in time to see the Packers beat Michael Vick and the Eagles, and have now discovered that the Bears will take on the Seahawks next Sunday at Soldier Field.  I have made plans with nonfans for next Sunday (unless it snows) so I will have to wait until I get home for highlights and results and that is fine as the nonfans are old friends and lovely  people who have no idea I have gone to the dark side and now like pro sports, especially my beloved Bears.  The Bears don't need me to watch in order to win but please, please, please, my Bears, please beat Matt Hasselbeck -- no, not the husband of Elizabeth of "The View" -- and the Seahawks and ADVANCE!  Please, por favor, etc.


Hell yeah, it stays.
I ride the Blue Line in Chicago and I beat the CTA painters to the piece of grafitti on the left.


  1. Great shot, Lena. And yes, the system stays. Years and years ago, I had a button I loved that said "Question authority." Wore it proudly everywhere. Later, when I taught in the Chicago Public Schools for a time and was what passed for authority, I was less enamored of the button.

  2. Thanks, Terry. That is high praise, indeed. Thanks especially for leaving a comment.