Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friends indeed

I wish a very happy birthday to my oldest friend, Mrs. X (not her real name, y'all), who today turns the same age as me.  Welcome, Missus, I say, to the continuation of life!  Mrs. X and X (nope, also not his real name), her dear husband, live about one hour outside of Tampa.  They used to live one hour outside of NYC but they grew weary of the weather and commuting in that weather decided to relocate to sun and warmth.  When I called this morning, Mrs. X was walking their dog, Princess (yes, her real name is Princess, and she is royally well behaved), so X and I had a spirited political discussion, something we both enjoy.  The bottom of line of that discussion is this:  (1) there are many liars in politics and in talk radio; (2) while it is the American way to come from nothing and succeed beyond one's wildest dreams there will also be haters hating on you if they are jealous or just stupid haters; and (3) Mrs. X really loves X.  A lot.  Mrs. X and I had a very good conversation, the upshot of which is I am well-meaning but basically broke; jovial and will never have a car and driver.  While I would not mind living in NYC again because public transportation is so good, I will probably never do so because I am not able to afford it and if I could afford it, I would not need to rely on public transportation.  In other words, I might have a good personality but I best have my own cab fare.  X is having a birthday on March 3.  X!  I wish you a wonderful birthday as well.   I look forward to chatting with each of you more and sooner rather than later.

In the line of friends, here is a very charming report from the New York Times about the spring-training-season friendship between Yankees greats Yogi Berra and Ron Guidry:

Tonight is Oscar night!  Some predictions:

1.  I will eat a snack during the broadcast.
2.  I will not pick the winner in most categories.
3.  I will be all changed into my jammies and will knock off as soon as the broadcast concludes.
4.  No one in attendance will be reading my blog this week.
5.  "The King's Speech" will win for best picture.

Four of those are almost certainly guaranteed to come true, y'all, but I leave it to you to figure out which.

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