Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Bay kicks the Steelers to the curb

Yes, yes, I wanted the Steelers to win (HOW DARE Green Bay beat the Bears!?!) but I can't be upset by Green Bay's win because Aaron Rodgers was masterful and the Packers played like a cohesive unit.  I say congratulations and well done!

The Black Eyed Peas really did it for me, too.  They were excited to be there!  How many headliners come to the halftime show thinking they are too cool for school?  Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'.  Fine, fine, it wasn't ideal but it was, as predicted by me, a medley of their biggest stuff plus Slash plus Usher pressed into, what, 10 minutes?  I liked it, so good for me for not being a hater.

Christina Aguilera was WTF from beginning to end of the Star Spangled Banner.   Christina A  overworked each and every note and, for an added bonus, messed up the words.  Again I ask WTF?  Attention people who book talent all over America!  If you want someone to sing the Star Spangled Banner, do not ask Miss Christina A ever again please and thanks.  GF doesn't care enough to sing the song right.  I can't believe she is trying to pull the old "I was nervous" line.  Nervous is for those who don't practice, Einstein.  There are plenty of professional singers out there who would gladly sing the song  right, for less money, and not belaboring every single note.  Attention haters:  be my guest.

As for doings in my home town today:  it is snowing.  Again.  Just like it did yesterday although it seems fluffier today.  It might be a winter wonderland for you but for me it is death by a thousand cuts.  And do you even live here?  Five more weeks until spring except in Chicago where it will still be hanging on in early May.  (No lie -- after the last bigtime blizzard, I recall seeing mounds of petrified ice at the end of April.  "It's almost May, " I thought, then returned to thoughts of not going to work at all, but to just keep walking, maybe to Milwaukee, maybe to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  (I got on the train and went to work, just like every day.))

In Sunday's post, I am hoping to discuss what I learned paying attention to the full Bears season.  I will also give a weather update and further describe my frazzlement.  I look forward to writing more then just as I hope you enjoy reading it.


  1. Now, one of my favorite parts of this lovely weather is being furious at our manly man neighbor who vanished when the storm started but came back and STOLE OUR PARKING SPACE. And committed the ultimate Chicago transgression--it is very hard to say this--he moved our chairs. Inorite?

  2. You are right. If someone has shoveled out a spot and put in chairs, upsidedown trash cans, an old canister vac, a Big Wheel, the recliner Granny was sitting in when she passed, a baby crib, or anything like any of these, and you move the things to make the spot your own, then Chicago tradition dictates that karma will find you sooner rather than later and will take your tires or bust your steering column or make your apartment flood. If visiting Chicago in the colder months and you find yourself in need of parking, you should sell your car to a crack whore or drive it to a downtown lot and pay $40 per day until the snow has melted. I know Marion agrees with this assessment. Thanks for the comment!