Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I learned from an entire season of Bears

1.  I've been to Bears Training Camp in Bourbonnais; I don't need to go again.  The Bears hardly seem to appreciate the effort the fans make to get to Bourbonnais, parking in distant lots and walking great distances to stand in the summer sun, only to be ignored by their heroes who would not be heroes at all -- just guys with thick necks and memory issues from too many concussions -- were it not for their fans.

2.  Statistics are for immediately after the game and off-season comparisons.  During the game, before the game, even the day after the game, it's just dick measuring.

3.  If I watch the game or see highlights later, the outcome is not affected.  I am interested, I care, but if I go to Target or a movie, or have a nice meal while a game is being played, the Bears will play the way they were going to play.

4.  The NFL must get serious about concussions.  When I read a series of detective books and the protagonist is knocked out more than once in a book or each successive book seems to have the guy losing consciousness because of a blow to the head, I stop reading the series.  For me, it has lost its realism.  "The last book in the series finds detective Greg Olfang staring at a wall and drooling, waiting to be wheeled to the dining room for cream of tomato soup through a straw."  Smexy.  Same goes for the NFL, y'all.

5.  No matter how much people may like you as a person, they probably won't read your blog.   People have lives and they need to live them as they see fit.  Around my eighth entry, I realized I am writing this for myself as an exercise in focus, purpose, and commitment.  Like the words from the Billy Idol song, I'm dancing with myself.  But if someone wants to read it regularly, that would be icing of the focus cake.

6.  The hockey, baseball, and basketball seasons exceed my attention span.   I can do highlights, but regular coverage?  Oh my heck, no no no no no.  Football is quite finite and easier to follow.


Good news!  It is above freezing, the snow is melting, and I got my car out of the garage and took it on several errands!  I like the independence of squiring myself about but I would have dealt with it had I been on public transportation again.  One must deal when one has decided to let their sleeping car lay.

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