Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's March. I'm mad.

In keeping with the theme of not knowing much of anything, I signed up for a couple of free contests online to predict the outcome of the men's and the women's NCAA tournaments and am doing about the same on both of them, i.e. I won't be on TV and my name and picture won't be in the paper, but I didn't totally embarrass myself either.  If I were to just do nothing but pay close attention all year long to every college hoops game, the result would probably be about the same.  I say Ohio State and the University of Kansas will play the final game and the Jayhawks (rock chalk) will be victorious.  Michigan State was beaten by UCLA in the first round but the Lady Spartans could still tear it up so again I urge go Green!  Go White!


Isn't life filled with surprises?  For me it was shingles.  I don't sit around and feel crappy for an extended period of time.  I feel crappy as I assess the type and firmness of the crap and then call my doctor and let him have a look at me.  On Friday morning when I showed him what was causing me considerable pain he said, "Oh, you've got shingles."  He was happy the diagnosis was so quick.  I was happy it wasn't necrotizing fasciitis.  And do let me share with you all:  ouch.

Shingles is caused by the chicken pox virus that lies dormant in each of us who has had it until it is triggered again, usually by an illness, lack of rest, or stress.  When he added stress to the list, I said, "That's it!"  I am not eligible for the shingles vaccination for another five years but even if I'd gotten it, it wouldn't totally prevent shingles but merely lessens the severity of the outbreak.  I can still get flare-ups that aren't accompanied by any pox-like lesions.  My outbreak isn't as bad as that of some friends, but it's bad enough, and pretty unpleasant.  I am not supposed to be around babies, pregnant women, chemotherapy patients, or anyone with a compromised immune system.  I'm taking anti-viral horse pills that will do nothing more than lessen the severity of the outbreak.  It feels like a very large burn that doesn't want to stop burning.  I am, however, in pretty good spirits which helps.  As I look toward the work week and being there for five stress-filled days, I am very thankful for my good spirits.


This past week, there was a Blackhawks game one day and a Bulls game the next.  The Blackhawks fans continued in the spirit of politeness and good manners.  The Bulls fan screamed, carried on, and drew as much attention to themselves as possible while all crowded into the bus shelter, inconveniencing the commuters who were trying to get buses to go home.  My favorite question to the various drivers:  "Where is the number 19 bus?"  The bus driver doesn't know that.  He is driving another bus line entirely.  They needed to act right and not get in the way of people who simply want to get home after a long day.  Are they such savages at home?  If not, then maybe they need to blow off some steam once in a while because that was the Festival of Boneheads.

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