Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here comes B. Rabbit with his bastketful of crap

Happy Easter and Fin de Passover!  And welcome to Tulip, our second follower!  I spent the day either watching Netflix or trying to watch Netflix because after about 230pm CDT, Netflix refused to give it up and I was sent to my computer to work on my blog.  After watching CBS Sunday Morning, of which I am most fond, I watched the following:

1.  Salt.  Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a Woman of Danger, dealing with the sudden onset of trouble and characters that exist for no other reason than to be killed by said Woman of Danger or be the reason she kills even more people.  There are other people who also kill or are killed.  There is an arachnid plot device that, along with the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Wall of China, could be seen from space.  If you watch it, make sure to bring your own fleet of trucks and have them ride side by side through the holes in the plot! 

2.  La Femme Nikita.  Luke Bresson's star turn for his ex-wife, Annie Parillaud.  Very solid performances but the holes start to pop up here and there in the middle.  Still a very watchable and interesting movie.  It is subtitled but you do know how to read, yes?

3.  Glee, season 1, episode: Journey.  Glee fell by the wayside for me when Fox did Seasonus Interruptus, took it off for several month, ABC put on LOST opposite Glee, I don't have cable (so no DVR) and those insane little converter boxes on my TV and VCR made me want to run headlong into a wall.  Therefore, no taping, so something had to go and what went was Glee.  I mostly fast-forwarded through it because there were so many songs! And so much teenaged angst!

And then Netflix decided to stop giving it up and I decided it is best to offer up my weekly blog offering.


The Bulls are up on the Pacers 3-1 and it is a foregone conclusion that they just need one more game to finish off the Pacers.  Go, Bulls!  I hope Derrick Rose did not busticate his ankle.

The Blackhawks were down 3-0 and then, out of their rumps, they pulled themselves up, got really pissed off about the hit Brent Seabrook took from Raffi Torres, and became the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, trouncing the Vancouver Canucks in the next two games.  They play tonight at the United Center and I am being so nuts in my thinking, that they can beat the Canucks tonight, get it to 3-3, then go back to Vancouver and whip them some Canucks on their home ice.  I am hopeful and I am also very distressed about the hit taken by Brent Seabrook.  MONDAY, 25 April, ADDENDUM:  Suck it, Vancouver!  The Blackhawks prevailed in OT and it is on to Game 7!!

Raffi Torres of the Canucks hit Seabrook so hard, Seabrook's helmeted head hit the ice and he sustained a concussion.  The league decided to not penalize Raffi Torres, saying it was legal play.  It is well documented by me what repeated concussions can do to a player and I hope that down the road Brent Seabrook suffers no ill from this and that Raffi Torres gets a little visit from karma in whatever form karma chooses to take.  Oh, hmmm, that is a smidge mean.  Oh, hmmm, so was that hit.


The NFL announced the schedule for the 2011-2012 season.  The Bears are playing a game in London.  England.  Why is that exciting?  Jet lag is no traveler's friend.  Since when are the citizens of the UK fans of gridiron glory?  I can't see Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, getting all ticked off at her secretary because their ticket broker could get them nothing at the 50-yard line.  What is the point of a game in London?  Maybe the same point as the University of Illinois vs. Northwestern University game played at Wrigley Field:  greed.  Yeah, that sounds right.

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