Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Bulls; I have a goal!

The United Center was visited by me on April 3, 2011, to see the Hawks potentially cream the corn of Tampa Bay.
The Hawks swarm the ice for practice!  All of them!  AT ONCE!!  Along with a zillion pucks!

A souvenir of my visit.

My dear friend has connections like no one else I know.  Through her job, she gets groovy tickets to exciting things and, on occasion, I am invited and it is always a great time.  She invited me and her two nephews to join her as the Hawks took on the Tampa Bay Lightning at the United Center.  It was a generous invitation with very good company (I have known her nephews since they were little or a gleam in their parents' eyes, respectively, and they are both excellent men just like my friend is a stellar human being).  We were all thrilled by everything and were all very grateful to have been in attendance.  Ah, what a shame the Blackhawks had a night of intense nothingness and lost not just big but sensationally big -- 2-0 with this the first shut out of the Lightning's season.  No else stank as much as we??  How hard does that bite?  Really hard but I know it is all supposed to be how the Hawks played the game and that, frankly, was lackluster.  I got to see one of the Stanley Cup championship rings up close (weighs a ton and the ring the players have is 10% larger) and it is way less garish than it appeared on TV.  I still think Hawks fans are way polite except in the parking lot going home in their cars and all I can say about that is, "Yikes," but I bet the fans heading into Ogilvie Transportation Center were as nice as always.

I was going to download a movie of the opening minutes shown on the jumbotron but (1) it was taking forever to download and (2) it is 7 minutes that you would never get back.  If you ever go and see it for yourself, it will be that much more special.  I have done this for YOU (and for me because the size of the file was just taking forever to download but mostly for YOU).

Ex-Broncos/Falcons lineman Shane Dronett was a great, gentle guy, a good husband, and an involved dad.  Then he wasn't any longer and three years after retiring, committed suicide.  After his brain was studied at Boston University, it was verified that Dornett suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  I have made the long story short so please click on the link below to read the story by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

After reading it, I want you to think about writing letters to the NFL and NHL owners asking them to set up a fund for all players regarding this disease.  They might also give more loot to the Boston University lab that is studying the brains of deceased players, verifying that those who passed indeed had CTE.  I bet you can find the name and address of every owner on line; write an email if not a snail mail letter.  Let them know you care about the long-term health of people who are giving you so much enjoyment.  Then you won't be one of those people who say, "Wow, I could have said something."  Say something. Make me proud of you.


As I sat in our skybox -- my friend is awesome -- and watched the Zambonis curl and sweep around the ice, I thought how cool it would be to ride a Zamboni as it floats and drifts back and forth and around.  I have an outfit planned:  a faux-fur shrug (I've a pattern and can make it) over a simple but full-length gown and a tiara (I know a drag queen or two who won a contest or six who just might lend me one of the smaller crowns).  It will be awesome and  I will wave.  The likelihood of it happening = <5%.  But it's a goal and everyone needs a goal.  Mine will allow me to be fabulous on a Zamboni which is almost more than I could hope for.

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