Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's okay to hate when it's LeBron James you detest

I know a fellow who has three kids (two boys and a girl) and they are really great kids and he is a good dad.  The boys love basketball and last year, while he was still on the Cavaliers, one of them was a great fan of LeBron James.  When the Cavs came to town at the end of the 2009-2010 season, this fellow, at no small expense, got tickets for the three men to go to the game.  The fan of LeBron was so excited because he'd finally get his idol's autograph on his Official NBA LeBron James jersey.  So what happened?  LeBron James dusted the fans who waited for his autograph, totally dissing every single person in the crowd.  It was Chicago and it was probably a pretty chilly night.  He didn't care; he went home.  His fans went home too but they were disappointed.  Still, the kid who was a fan of LeBron James got over it and forgave his fave because he so admired his talent.

It's been a busy year but this past Friday, I finally asked this fellow what his son thinks about LeBron James now.  "He hates him," he stated plainly.

Last night I went to hear White Dove Resurrection in their Chicago debut and right before the band started their set, I spoke to a good friend about the Heat.  This is how the conversation went:

Me:  So what do you think of the Heat?

Friend:  #*#%$&$#*&!!)!)!)

Me:  I know, right? #F^&!!&$#FF#U!#&&#*$&#(!!! But I don't mind Dwyane Wade as much.

Friend:  @@^&@$!&^!@(#(& Dwyane Wade!  Chris Bosh AND LeBron James!  #*#*$&@*&!(*!$$~!

Me:  LeBron James $#*#&*@&(@*&@!&$&$&WTF????  Chris Bosh #*#&@*&@(!&!!

It was a most enjoyable conversation because any time is a great time to talk smack about LeBron James and the Miami Heat.  My friend swayed me and now I see that Dwayne Wade really does suck, too, and deserves all of my displeasure.

Tonight in Miami, it's game three of a best-of-seven series between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat for the chance to go to the NBA Finals.  They are tied, 1-1.   All of a sudden, LeBron and crew seem to realize they are a TEAM and not a package of gourmet hot dogs.  However, I have full confidence in the Bulls and believe that good will triumph over three freaking egomaniacs who live in too-close proximity to alligators.


Portal to heaven?  Nope, those are called clouds.
I am sure you all noticed that the Rapture didn't come to pass and those parents who stopped putting money in the college funds of their kids, or spent all their life savings, might be feeling a smidge conflicted.  (I hope their money went to a useful foundation and not something disgusting like Miami Heat season tickets.)  Oh, and congrats on losing the respect of your children forever.  In the future, they might look at it this way:  life is joyous and life is hard; life is simple and life is beautiful; life is ghastly and life is fantastic; there is no hell because earth is hell enough; there are no guarantees, religious or otherwise.   On Friday, I said if the Rapture came,  I wouldn't be at work on Monday.  Now I have to be there, on time, with a smile on my face because that's what adults do.  I'm just sayin'.

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