Sunday, August 28, 2011

A brief overview

Y'all!  It's still the pre-season!

The Bears LOST against the NY Giants last Monday at the Meadowlands.

The Bears LOST against the Tennessee Titans last night, Saturday, in Nashville.  Here is the thing that amazes me about yesterday's game:  I'd no idea they were going to be playing last night.  Oops.  Some fan I am.

Yesterday was a busy day.  In the morning, I went to an archery class and shot off many arrows at a target.  I got all the arrows onto the target sheet but I am pretty much the same kind of archer that I am a bowler, i.e. not consistent but with archery getting a slight edge.

After archery, I went over and fetched my pal so we could have a nice cheap hot-dog-and-soda lunch at Costco and gossip about things that interest only us.   I deposited him and drove out to the Westin by the airport to donate blood.

The Blackhawks sponsor regular blood drives and they give out stuff like tickets to the Blackhawks family fan day (first 10,000 people get a free Patrick Sharp (♡) bobblehead) and entries into drawings to win an autographed Blackhawks jersey, seats right by the Blackhawks bench during a home game at the United Center (megaWANT), or tickets to an out-of-town game.  As I've written before, I don't mind donating blood, I can squeeze out a pint pretty fast (yesterday's time:  5 minutes, 20 seconds), and it's one charitable thing I (or anyone) can do that will of 100% benefit to the recipient.  After the the blood drive,  I drove over to a hotel that was treating me to a complimentary night's stay.

I enjoy the occasional stay in a hotel.  Even if it's in the suburbs, it makes me feel like I was out of town for a couple of days, even if it's the Chicago burbs.  I prefer these visits when it's hottest because I like to set the thermostat to 63º and get a chill down to my bones.  If others walk in and don't say, "It's freezing in here," then it might be too warm.  (An aside:  my landlady sets the thermostat in our building pretty low in winter and I've grown used to it.)  I cranked down the a/c, watched two episodes of "Adventure Time" on Cartoon Network, then twirled off to the mall across the street.

I had coupons and I wanted to use them but, alas, no coupons were used as no one had anything I wanted to buy.  I was looking for accessories which proved elusive or maybe I just didn't want to bother or maybe I didn't want to spend the money on something that was less than perfection.  That's the thing:  will I really use that or do I just want a little something new?  I walked from one end of the mall to almost the other end and then back (because my car was parked at the first place, y'all).  The mall was jammed even though it was after 5pm on a Saturday.  I fled to Jewel (for yogurt for my dessert) and Chipotle (my free-stay-in-a-hotel often features Chipotle for dinner) then settled back into my nice chilly hotel room where there were 60 cable TV stations, the best I've encountered in a long time.

Here was HBO, FX, TBS, Cartoon Network, MTV, VH1, way too many sports channels (Big 10? Really?).  I was cruising around the dial when I found the Bears game.  It was the first quarter.  Men were sweating and shoving.  There was grunting and I did what I used to do -- I just kept working the remote control.   Among other things, I watched "True Blood" which I found to be every bit as good as the hype makes it out to be.  The availability of many stations that are not paid for by me is a very interesting thing.  If I were married to someone with cable, I would not tell him to discontinue it but I would also make it clear that I loved him for himself and not for his 100 channels (and maybe his central air).  Anyway, I never went back to the Bears game and didn't find out the outcome until I went to the grocery store and asked the checker about the game.  "They lost by one," he said.  The difference between this young man and me:  he doesn't think Jay Cutler sucks too hard and he actually watched the game.  Which if I am going to write about football, might be a good idea unless, of course, there are free cable and a/c both.

I have blathered in the past about buying things that are made in America.  I've been looking for new rugs for my bathroom and after exhausting both Kohl's and Target (why would I think the stock at a different stores would be markedly different?  Insanity, y'all, that's why ),  I went to K-Mart in a desperation move.

I am not a fan of K-Mart but I now have reason to give them a second look.  I found precisely what I wanted.  What I wanted was on sale.  What I wanted was made in the USA.  Thanks, K-Mart.

Speaking of made in America, Craig Ferguson wasn't and it's always a great day in America for him.  I am a big fan of Craig Ferguson and his charming late-night talk show.  Here is Craig's tribute to "Dr. Who."  It never aired because someone forgot to get the rights to the "Dr. Who" theme first.  I came across it on and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  And it's a great day in America, y'all.


  1. This Craig video is now my personal theme music: "intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism".... absolutely. Thanks, Lena! Thanks, Craig!