Sunday, August 14, 2011

Here are YOUR Chicago Bears and A Belgian Guy

It was pre-season game #1 against the Buffalo Bills and the Bears WON!  Yes, WON!  The offensive line = lackluster (is anyone at all surprised?) but the defensive team looked good (again, I am sure none are surprised).  I watched exactly ten seconds of this game, for the score in the first, second, and third quarters.  I was doing some thrilling stuff instead.

Family members treated me to a 5:15pm showing of "Attack the Block," a sci-fi import from the UK about a 15-year-old gang leader who saves London from an alien invasion.  It is horrifying, gross, touching, and funny all at once.  Race to see it!

Then we went to their home where I was treated to a terrific meal of fresh sausage, made by a real butcher in his shop on Milwaukee Avenue and not by a machine in a factory in a different state.  There were beans with carrots, there was cabbage with apricots.  If you got this meal in a restaurant, you'd be bragging to your friends about the tastiness of it.  It wasn't in a restaurant but allow me to brag about how really good that meal was.  We watched "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," on the television which is why I didn't watch much of the game.  Harry and the wacky Hogwarts gang won!

That game?  Pre-season!  Doesn't count!  I read that Johnny Knox ran 70 yards on a return from the 1, so it certainly counted for Mr. Knox.  He was demoted this week -- Bears coaching baffles me, so don't look to me for answers on this one -- and said he started his professional career as a Bear and wanted to stay here and those 70 yards had to make the coaches go, "Hey ya!"  But not the Outkast song as they are just not that cool, those coaches.  Go, Johnny, you rub their noses in it.

10-3, Bears win.


It happens to all of us.  A song or the performance of a particular song or a particular performer sings a particular song and the dances around in the recesses of your brain and stews and festers and jerks and twists and won't get out of your head.  For the past couple of weeks, two songs of the late Jacques Brel came to live in my cranium and there they remain.

The first song is "Jackie," also known as "La Chanson de Jacky."  The second is probably Brel's best known song, "Marieke."

Thanks to You Tube, it is easy to find any number of versions of various songs.  For me, "Jackie" --  a a guy singing about everything wonderful that could happen but wanting to reminisce about when he was young and all he wanted to be was good-looking and stupid -- has three different and great interpretations:  Scott Walker (of the Walker Brothers and "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More"); Mort Shuman (one of the translators of the songs for the long-running show, "Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris"); and, of course, Brel himself in this version where, if they had baseball in Belgium, he knocks the cover off the ball: 

Women sing "Marieke."  Men sing "Marieke."  People work the freaking heck out of "Marieke" -- it's a song about a guy who loved a woman named Marieke and he wants her to love him again -- but for pure passion and desperate longing, check out Jacques Brel himself in the You Tube link below.  Not the handsomest of men, especially by today's standards of perfection, Brel makes you want to find that Marieke and tell her to just give him another chance, for crying out loud.

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