Sunday, September 25, 2011

Better Bears but not wonderful Bears

 So we march into the classic battle against division rival and Super Bowl champs, the Green Bay Packers, led by Aaron Rodgers.  Surprise to me, it wasn't a blood bath.  Sure, yes, there were a couple of stupid things -- and I mean STOOOOPID, like Devin Hester getting in a fight with one of the Packers in front of a referee and really smacking said Packer hard in the head -- that made for lost yardage yet I am willing to admit that they played like a pro football team and really mostly had it together.

Still, Jay Cutler got sacked.  The player to whom he might throw -- yes, I suck; I didn't take game notes -- waved at Jay that he was in position.  Jay, instead, got sacked.  I wondered if maybe Jay needs to have his vision checked.  Admittedly, Jay was better at getting rid of the ball this time but he was playing against Aaron Rodgers and his pinpoint accuracy.  Maybe Aaron can give Jay some pointers.

The Packers pack some Bear meat, 27-17.

Last week I posed this question:  Do you agree that Jay Cutler sucks?  I asked five people, three women and two men, all devoted fans of the Bears.  The results were surprising to me.  Of respondents polled, 60% agreed that Jay Cutler sucked, but 40% thought the offensive line was, as one respondent put it, offensive.  The defensive lines of opposing teams had to be held better, people had to be in position to catch the ball, and Cutler had to be protected, said another, and that wasn't happening.  In other words, there were those who simply could not agree that he sucks.  The 40% would agree that he was not worth the money spent on him but, for them, the offensive line carries the burden of suckiness.
In other words, we again agree to disagree.

Yesterday was a lovely day in early fall.  There was a little rain but not enough to keep people inside or acting weird on the streets or sidewalks.  There wasn't a lot of wind and I was invited to join my sister and brother-in-law (more accurately, I found out they were going and I asked if I could go) for a walk at the Magic Hedge by Montrose Harbor.

The Montrose Beach Bird Sanctuary (the "Magic Hedge") is a great destination for urban birding.  It sits right next to Montrose Harbor on one side, Montrose Beach on the other, Lincoln Park behind it, and Lake Michigan in front.  It is a migratory rest area for 300 species of birds coming through the area.  Birders flock (excuse the pun) to the Magic Hedge for the chance to see something that might happen to be off course or maybe passing through Chicago on its twice-a-year migration.

Close up of downtown from Montrose Harbor, sailboats included
My sister is a very good, determined, and patient birder.  My brother-in-law is a good birder, too, patiently listening and scanning the trees and sky.  I was, at one time, very interested in birding.  I quickly realized that my ability to differentiate between birds was pretty terrible.  I also sucked at finding the bird in the bird book.  What I like is going out and maybe trying to figure out which bird is which but really, to have a walk, to be with people who know what they are doing, and to pick up some garbage littering the pathway.  My strength is in being respectful and bringing along the plastic bag so I can pick up some trash.  But not the spent condoms.  There are not tongs powerful enough for that.

After we walked around much of the 15-acre plot, we walked along the water by Montrose Harbor and sat and watched water spouts attempting to form on this overcast day.  That was weird, wonderful, a little scary, and something each of us -- even me -- could figure out and enjoy.

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