Sunday, September 18, 2011

The day we all agreed

What has the count of 52 last year and 11 this year and we are just two games into the year?  Why, it's Jay Cutler sacks, of course!

Jay Cutler loves football.  He loves football so much he cannot get rid of the damn thing in time to save himself from getting nailed by large defense players whose job it is to nail him.  Jay knows this.  Jay certainly understands this but Jay just cannot productively let loose of that ball.  Can Jay just not see the person or persons to whom he might throw the ball?  Does he have QB's remorse and feel insecure about his decision to throw it to said person or persons?  Does he just suck hard?  All three?  Today's commentators, including Dallas Cowboys ex-QB Troy Aikman, were as baffled as me and ended the broadcast showing a defeated Jay Cutler looking pretty freaking grim and it seemed, to me anyway, as if he were going to cry man tears.

Cry all you want, Jay, because we all have to agree that Jay really doesn't have it so much this year.  I thought Rex Grossman sucked when he was with the Bears but in terms of suckage, Jay makes Rex look like a Hall of Famer.  I also wonder about the coaching staff that should have, after the sixth (6th) sack, taken Jay out and let him (1) recover and (2) think about what he did, i.e. not much after the first half.  They did not.  Instead, it was Oh, hey, Jay!  The Saints turned it around with just two minutes and 53 seconds left on the clock at the the two-yard line so get back out there and do something strong.  So Jay did.  He threw the football away.  Twice.  Out of bounds.  But on these two occasions, the Saints didn't succeed in sacking him.  Of course, the offensive line was nothing to which we can point with pride.  "Things fall apart," is an apt title for what went on with that bunch.  

I think we can all agree that when Jay has a hard time of it, he has a very hard time of it.  So it makes me wonder this:  Has Jay lost his passion for the game?  If he has, he needs to get out because he could get himself hurt very badly and no one needs to see that.

After the game, I listened to fan analysis on a radio call-in show and one fan said he could see Jay becoming an elite QB if only the offensive line were better.  I vehemently disagree.  Elite QBs don't get sacked numerous times because elite QBs find a guy to whom they can throw the ball and then, please pay attention, they throw it to that guy.  The offensive line can hold back the opposing team's defensive line for only so long before the defensive line breaks through and does their job, i.e. to sack the QB.

When I go to work tomorrow, I am going to do Southwest Corner's Straw Poll and ask one question only:  Do you agree that Jay Cutler sucks?  I will question at least five people.  I will post my unscientific findings next week.

The Saints make the Bears do penance with a score of 30-13.

When you were in elementary school, what lesson were you taught that you have never forgotten?  Maybe it was a history lesson or how to climb a rope hand over hand or where we are on the globe in relation to every other country.  Not reading, writing, or arithmetic but the stuff that is slightly different or a bonus.  For me, it was the lesson of time.

It was a Friday afternoon and as the school day was ending, our homeroom teacher introduced the concept of time.  She told us that you can't go back in time, that this particular day would never happen again, that time only moves forward.  I was in the 3rd or 4th grade and this concept was new.  Decades later, it's still in my brain, the number one different school lesson ever taught to me that permeated my brain and stayed there.

She left out the thing that as you get older, time goes more quickly.  My mom told me that one.   We had very elderly neighbors living in the house next door to our first house in Detroit.  When I complained to my mom that things were moving so slowly and next week was so far away she told me that time, for me, went slowly but for our neighbors, days flew by, which happens when you get older.  That might have shut me up for about sixty seconds but the concept remained.  I am now decades older and, yeah, my mom was right.  As you get older, days go by like a shot.

So today, two conceptual reminders:  Time only moves forward and as you get older, time really does fly.

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