Sunday, September 4, 2011

Surprises around every corner

The Bears beat the Browns in their final pre-season showing.  Fingers crossed that they can do some more beating when the new season starts, one week from today at home against the Falcons.  Go Bears!  Final cuts were made yesterday and I really have to plead ignorance on the cuts.  I do wish those cut the best of luck in their future endeavors.  Football ain't the be all and end all, y'all, and I hope the lack of it doesn't screw with your heads and the rest of your lives.

The time of the football pool is back and one I'd neither seen nor heard of surfaced this week.  First, you are fully advised which team is home and which is away and you pick who might win that contest.  Second, you have to list your confidence in that pick from 1-16, with 16 being pretty darn confident who you chose to win will, in fact, win and 1 being not at all confident.  Third, you turn your form into the guy and he enters it into his home computer.  Fourth, all the games are played, numbers are added up, and a winner is declared.

The doctor of this pool advised that picking the winning or losing team is not as important as your confidence ranking.  This is totally different!  No fantasies, no point spreads, just confidence in your selection in an outcome.  Crazy!  I chose teams and based on my knowledge, I put down my rankings.  Trust me on this one:  I would have put down 1 for every outcome but that's not how it is played.  It's all a total freaking crapshoot just like any other pool.

My big WTF is for the White Sox.  They were down to their last 28 games when they went into a three-game series against the Tigers in Detroit (my hometown).  In order to stay in the mix, they had to do very well -- i.e. win -- against their division rival.  On Saturday I had a mini-vacation in a suburban hotel and deliberately didn't listen to news and sports results.  While driving on errands this morning, I heard the Sox had a lead of 8-1 and then LOST 9-8.  I said aloud, in my car, to no one but the air, "Are you f*&#!ng kidding me?"  That is a monumental screwup and, yeah, there's gonna be some White-Sox-letting in just a few weeks and none of who might be let go will surprise me at all.

ADDENDUM:  On Sunday, the Tigers finished the job, winning 18-2 -- yes, you read that right -- over the Sox.  Heads will roll.

This week I've added to my blogroll.  PostSecret is a hugely successful blog that is an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren of Maryland.  People make homemade postcards and mail them in anonymously.  Since 2005, Frank has selected secrets that are posted on the PostSecret website or used for PostSecret's books or museum exhibits.  Within 24 hours of its release, the PostSecret App for iPhones became the best-selling app in the USA and Canada.

(Occasionally, Frank has shown pictures of the sacks of U.S. Mail that are delivered to his home and has written very nice things about the Letter Carriers who bring them.)

I have been reading PostSecret on line for years and have even read one of the books, a format for which I don't much care.  The best thing about PostSecret is that there are just a few to ponder.  The book gave me the mental feeling of eating too much and not being able to digest as fast as I needed.  No more PostSecret books for me but if Frank comes to the Chicago area again and the event isn't way, way out in the suburbs and it's not winter, I would enjoy giving one of his lectures a whirl.

Once I thought I saw the secret of someone I know and asked vaguely about it and was summarily ignored so either it was this person's secret or it was not this person's secret or it was not either of those two choices because the person never actually read the vague email I sent.  I didn't pursue it further.  It was, after all, a secret.

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