Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double the fun -- next week! -- but today ...

The Bears are off to Detroit, birthplace of me, to have at the Detroit Lions for Monday Night Football. The 4-0 Detroit Lions. Therefore, there will be no talk about what Jay Cutler means to me (nothing); how angry I was when he was in the audience of "Dancing with the Stars" to give support to his ex-fiancee when I thought he should be at practice (very angry but then a co-worker investigated and found out the Bears had Monday and Tuesday off; I calmed down only slightly because he needs extra practice getting rid of the ball); how much I cared that his ex-fiancee was voted off the show (not at all). Instead we will talk about the 1985 Chicago Bears and their Super Bowl trip to the White House, 26 years in the making.

The explosion of space shuttle Challenger made the White House cancel the scheduled Bears-Reagan Super-Bowl-winner-presidential meet and greet. Walter Payton, who died of a rare liver disease, and Dave Duerson, who committed suicide brought on by CTE-induced depression, couldn't be there to enjoy the White House glow. Dan Hampton chose not to be there. He said if their families were not invited he would not go plus he doesn't like President Obama. Oh, Dan, Dan, Dan.

Mike Ditka, "Da Coach," is one of the biggest Republicans in all of Illinois and he was there, in front of the whole team, smiling and joking with Mr. Obama. Coach Ditka had no problem resolving his feelings.

Dan's friend and ex-teammate, Steve McMichael, said this to's Jeff Dickerson:

"They said, 'Are you going?' Because there are a couple of my teammates that aren't going to make the trip. But let me tell you something, I don't care who the president is. I don't care what's going on in the government, if I'm against a war or what. If you are somebody that the White House wants to honor, and you're a citizen of this country, it behooves you to show up and look at it like an honor and a privilege.

"I told them I'm going to have bells on."

Well put, Steve!

In other words, Dan, in this life it's not often about you, but when it is, you should go and let your back be patted. Stand there and smile and enjoy the adulation, admiration, and celebration that happens so rarely in life.

I can tell you that Dan will be at the grand re-opening of the Jewel at Clark and Division in Chicago on Saturday, October 15. Gee, that is so much better than the White House.

Moses Mosop of Kenya finished the Chicago Marathon today in a record breaking time of 2 hours 5 minutes 37 seconds, winning $100,000 and an additional $50,000 for breaking the record. Unlike last year's close footrace, there was no one able to come close to Mosop which made for some very cool television pictures -- a guy running in the middle of an otherwise empty street except for fans lining the curb and waving and no one to be seen for blocks behind him.

Liliya Shobukhova of Russia won the women's division with a time of 2 hours 18 minutes 20 seconds, won $100,000 and a spot on the 2012 Russian Olympic team.

The London Olympics will take place before the next Chicago Marathon.

Maru is a male cat (rumored to be a Scottish Fold except his kitty ears just do not fold) who lives in Japan with his creative owners. To me, he looks like the perfect anime cat, like he was drawn and then brought to life through the miracle of ink and chemistry. Behold his latest video offering:


Thanks,! Here is an aria by Renee Fleming that added to the perfect evening.

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