Sunday, November 13, 2011

Throw the Lions to them

The Bears have returned to a nice normal schedule and thank heavens.  We went to the Lions earlier this season; this time the Lions came to us.  Grrrr infinity.

The score was so lopsided in favor of the Bears that at about 11 minutes into the third quarter, what came into my head was, "Wow, I wonder if any of those Lions would like to just forfeit, go back to their hotel, and have a nice soak in the tub?"  Of course, they don't pay those men to surrender and, as they like to say in sports outings, "the opera ain't over 'til the fat lady sings."  (Obviously, they've not been to the opera recently.)  The Bears have turned things around big time with Jay Cutler finding Earl Bennett (new fave bitch, errr, wide receiver), with guys running with the balls, with the offensive line being unoffensive much like fresh daisies in a field in springtime.  The commentators said this was just not Detroit's night and not the night of Stafford, their QB, especially.  You know whose night it was?  The Bears, who are now in second place in the NFC North.  Bears 37, Lions 13.

One of the most amazing events in college sports took place on 11/11/11, Veterans Day, on board the USS Carl Vinson, docked in the harbor at San Diego.  The TV images were crazy:  a beautifully constructed basketball court, its wood surface gleaming.  The cameras pan back and it's on an aircraft carrier, it's outside, and there are about four thousand people in attendance, including President and Mrs. Obama.  Michigan State vs. number-one-ranked North Carolina.  Michigan State, the team that produced Magic Johnson.  North Carolina, the team that produced Michael Jordan.  North Carolina won but holy smokes, they played on an aircraft carrier, which I found both supremely nuts and way freaking cool.

I joined the birders in an outing to the Magic Hedge by Montrose Harbor and what a treat it was.  We went to see the sage thrasher but instead the raptors were coming, hurrah, hurrah.  After I missed seeing a junco (of course I did), the raptor show began.  We first saw a Cooper's hawk flying quickly away.  This was immediately followed by another, larger Cooper's hawk in hot pursuit.  Each hawk stopped in a tree and posed, turning its head this way and that so we could get a good look.  We trooped off to the beach where a man was trying to get a picture of a short-eared owl.  We saw about 65 golf balls on the beach.  These are not technically birds but, yes, these were those dimpled spheres that are used to frustrate grown men and women by not going where they are supposed to go.  In this case, they ended up on a Lake Michigan beach and the closest golf course was on the other side of the harbor.  Then we saw another junco followed by a kestrel that wanted the junco for its second breakfast.  (The junco made it away this time.)  There were goldfinches in the bushes, wearing their fall feathers which let them blend in with the browned bushes as they ate an early lunch.  Up in the air:  a rough-legged hawk.  I got my first cool sighting:  a downy woodpecker, not in a tree but in the bushes with the finches, hanging out and looking black and white and red, except I said, "woodpecker" because I still pretty much stink at precise identification.  Over in the harbor, there were hooded grebe, diving and diving, diving and diving.  They would surface and they would dive.  And it was fantastic.

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