Sunday, December 25, 2011

All I want for Xmas is the Bears at the Super Bowl and other lies we tell ourselves

Last week, Johnny Knox had his back broken and underwent surgery on Monday, the 19th, to have two vertebrae fused together.  I am so very sorry for him and his family and his teammates.  He is a good solid player and this doesn't look very good for his future with the NFL.  Knox is good, solid receiver and breaking your back in the rough and tumble life of the NFL doesn't bode well.  The last thing I heard is "this is not career ending" and "he is getting out of the hospital in a few days."  Johnnie, I hope like heck you finished college and were playing attention in class.  (An aside:  I've heard interviews with this gentleman and both are doubtful.  Sad but true.)

This week, well into the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field, the Packers are haberdashers, handing the Bears their hats over and over again. The Bears came back but that is their job.  The Chiefs bested the Packers last week making me all super hopeful the Bears might be able to do the same.  Aaron Rodgers was mighty pleased with his Xmas gifts of today and gave Packers fans everywhere the gift of whooping out rumps.  As a non-Packers fan, I wish he might've curbed his enthusiasm but Josh McCown, who hadn't started as a QB since 2007, did not totally embarrass himself which is kind of what Caleb Hanie did.

Just when Jay Cutler is hitting hit stride, he breaks his thumb (and reunites with his fiancee).  Matt Forte, playing without a contract, is proclaimed one of the most formidable players in the NFL by not only fans and sportscasters, but this teammates; he suffered a knee injury so bad that he is still out.  Add poor Johnny Knox plus Gabe Cremini, the Bears #1 draft pick who spent the season out after needing some NFL-induced knee surgery, and we are just sad, sadder, and not in any playoff saddest.

Next week is the last game of the regular season and that will be that for the year.  There will be discussions of missed chances, and coulda-woulda-shoulda.  There will be chats of if-onlys.  This was not the Bears' year.  This was the year to test their mettle and that of their fans including me.  Next week we can hope they aren't so handily beaten (Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, y'all) so they can end their season on a more positive note, hopefully looking toward the 2012-13 season.  Bears fans always look hopefully forward because that is the fans' job.  I expect no one has nonrefundable reservations at any of the Indianapolis hotels but if one does, go, have fun, and cheer like a son of a gun for the Bears to be there next time.

Packers prevail over the Bears, 35-18.  I didn't say they mergalized the Bears because it could have been 42-7 so "prevailed" is pretty darn kind.

Courtesy of Reindeers.Info
Merry Christmas to all and a shout out to Santa.  Here are two of his eight-plus-one reindeer unit, relaxing after a hard night of work.

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