Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pressing forward into the lackluster

We at the offices of Oh, I Think So congratulate Mr. Jay Cutler on his re-engagement to Miss Kristin Cavallari.  The happy couple is now living together during Jay's recovery from thumb surgery.  I have this to say to them:  Jay has only one chance to make a perfect recovery so both of you make it your job to ensure a perfect result.  Since being famous is not a real job, Jay is the primary breadwinner, always will be the primary breadwinner, and Jay getting better is focus enough.  Should she feels distracted, Kristin might take some nice polish to that 5.2 carat sparkler or feed the microscopic people who use it for an ice rink.

But for the less good news, the Bears were beaten by the LAST PLACE Kansas City Chiefs at Soldier Field.  As I am a nervous fan, I have mostly lost confidence in Mr. Caleb Hanie.  Donovan McNabb was given his walking papers by the Minnesota Vikings but we didn't grab that.  Kyle Orton was snatched up by the KC Chiefs.  We wisely spent good money to give Earl Bennett a four-year extension on his contract; Earl Bennett is a very good player.  I simply think it might be nice to have some more experience calling the shots on game day.  Two games in a row were lost which makes the Bears season record 8-5.  There are other teams in the running for the Wild Card slot and I would really like some nice post-season play. I am fairly certains the Bears Organization would like the same.

The Chiefs win it, 10-3.

At home with the Mallards, Prima and Hans
Yesterday was the first Saturday in December and unseasonably warm in Chicago, getting to over 50 degrees farenheit.  The birders and I went to a different viewing point at a different time of day and reaped great rewards.  We went to South Pond in Lincoln Park, near the Lincoln Park Zoo, and were rewarded with a Long-Tailed Duck and the small, supercute Ruddy Duck.  Canadian Geese came flying and glided onto the water.  (Witnessing  the geese landing was a big darn treat as they parted the waters gently.  What got locked into my brain?  The sound of the soft rush of water as they completed their flight.  It sounded exactly the same with each landing.)  There were male and female Mallards  (so many Mallards!), a Northern Shoveler (big old thing), a Ring-Necked Duck.  There were Trumpeter Swans, an American Coot, and a Grebe (OMG which I actually identified!).  There male and female Hooded Mergansers -- stunning in person.  There were male and female Wood Ducks, the male Wood Duck being one of my favorite of all birds.  (Who came up with this bird?  Was Mother Nature doing some serious LSD and when she was done tripping found it was too late to take it back?) 

"Mike, for the last time, I already swallowed the shrimp."
Sure, sure, the swans were probably regular zoo residents but the rest of the waterfowl?  Nope, they just knew where some tasty, free eating might be and decided to hang and nosh and paddle about, maybe kibbitz a little and then shlep south next week.  There was a handsome stand of flamingos including two who seem to have issues, each with the other.

The romance of exotic blossoms or high humidity?  You decide.
Since time flies whether or not you are having fun, it had been years since I'd been inside the Lincoln Park Conservatory.  The birders, who also know much about plants and gardening, agreed to go inside with me even though it was not their first choice, so thank you, birders!  I used to live fairly close by and would stop by on a regular basis and it was even more wonderful than I recalled.  It was lush and green and so humid that it was quite a while before my camera lense stopped fogging up.  Ah, look at the lovely picture of an orchid through the humidity.  It looks ethereal and mysterious or like I just couldn't get my darn lense to not fog up.

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