Sunday, January 1, 2012

The season ends and 2012 begins

The Bears ended the 2011-12 season in Minnesota and for the first time since Jay Cutler was injured, they WON!  Of course neither team had a snowball's chance in H-E-double-hockeysticks of getting into the playoffs, so it was the most even of playing fields.  There were player issues on both sides, especially QB issues.  There was playing and grunting and Brian Urlacher getting injured (please get well for the Pro Bowl).  Josh McCowan was sacked six times but he got the job done which is pretty good for a man who'd not started an NFL games once since 2007.  Now we have to think about the 2012 season, just a few months down the line.

The new year is here and it's just a few months to the NFL draft, pre-season hi-jinx, exhibition season frollicking, and the 2011-12 season.  Jay will be back, ready to give that ball a mighty toss and I will, of course, be all grumpy and negative about him, super-frowny-faced at every turn.  I think Jay has learned a thing or two while he's been off, just as I have.

What I Learned
by Me
1.  A lot of people know a lot about football.  I am not one of them.
2.  I know more about football than some people, but it's still not so much.
3.  I may know less about football than I did last season (if that is possible).
4.  It takes discipline to write a regular blog about anything.
5.  Because of what scientists are learning about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and any traumatic brain injury, it is possible that football, from the lowest levels -- peewee leagues, high school, college -- to the highest -- NFL, CFL, Arena -- will be a banned due to its brute physical nature.  (Hockey will also need to be addressed.)  Read the New York Times for their excellent coverage of these issues.  Please be aware that the Times gives you just 20 articles to read per month if you are not a regular subcriber, which is pretty generous considering the excellent quality of writing you will find.  (Fine, be a conservative all you want but the CTE articles are eye-opening pieces of stellar writing.  You can read sports articles without being a liberal.)

When things about the Bears come to the fore, I will report them, but there will be other topics covered until that time:  birds, birding, bird watching, planned vacations, and weight loss tips. Except for the vacation planning, all of these topics give me ample opportunity to blather on about things I know nothing about.

According to surviving ancient Mayan calendars, the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012 (two days after my birthday).  There are people who are totally buying this and getting all freaked out and worried!  Stop worrying!

1.  I listened to NPR and they consulted Guatemalan spiritualists who still follow the ancient religion and they advise December 21, 2012, is the end of the Fifth Cycle of the Sun.  The world is, of course, not going to end.  It is the end of a particular age and the new age will be one of harmony, with neither a male nor a female energy, but a more even universal energy.  Please note:  this will not happen overnight as the NFL would not allow it.

2.  This is according to surviving calendars.  Let's say those calendars did not survive.  You then wouldn't know anything about this date, right?  I'm just sayin'.

Stop worrying about things over which you've zero control and worry about the upcoming election, which is way more important than the new NFL season and also brain-shaking without the benefit of getting your head knocked down by a 300-pound linebacker.   You have a say in the election so don't squander your right to vote by not voting.  Register to vote and then get your ass to the polls on election day and do the deed.

In the distant far right, Chicago appears as a dream from the mists.
Guy #1, excited and almost dressed
Guy #2:  Complete outfit, ready to go!
We all went to Northwest Indiana and the Indiana Dunes in honor of the birthday of the lead birder.  It is way windier over there than on the Chicago side, down there in the elbow of the lake, so much so that I called it the F*ck-Me Side of Lake Michigan.  It was cold, too, but this didn't stop the para-sailing dudes.  I asked one of them about his attire and he said they wear outfits like the Coast Guard wears:  super-non-leak suits over their clothing.  He pulled out the neckline and showed me a turtleneck under the rubber suit.  Within seconds of hitting the water they were many yards from shore, dancing along with the waves, hovering in the surf like gulls.

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  1. That was one cold day at the Dunes, wasn't it? Plenty of warm company, though. Looking forward to some cool non-football posts, Lena.