Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking a trip and NOT to a Hall of Fame

Let's talk about that Super Bowl game of last week and get it out of the way.  Madonna was terrific.  I am not a fan of the old thing but she really put on an amazing show.   As fare as M.I.A. giving everyone the finger and dropping the "S" bomb, that person is known to be a classless lowlife.  The final play of the game where the Pats let the Giants score so they could have a 100-yard touchdown in the remaining seconds of play?  Bill B, big time coach-a-go-go, did this kind of thing a few years ago.  Had he succeeded, he'd have been the hero of the football universe.  This time, like that one, he didn't succeed and Tom Brady, husband of supermodel Giselle Bundchen (who dropped the "F" bomb when assaulted by sportswriters asking what happened), didn't get his fourth Super Bowl ring.  (For those who said, "Hey, she was going to watch that "Downton Abbey," wasn't she?  I did watch it and was able to switch back in time to see the Pats lose.)

Eli Manning and the Giants cook the Pats' clam chowder, 21-17.

Hooray for me, I am going on a trip on Thursday and will report all about it -- or about the interesting parts anyway -- in two weeks.  I will be away for an entire week, longer than I've been away in a very long time. 

Until then, stay groovy, y'all.

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