Sunday, March 25, 2012

A lovely sunny day

What a lovely day!  Yesterday was overcast and foggy, the heavy lakefront fog of Friday evening hanging over to the next day, although the sun broke through in the late afternoon.  Today started lovely and clear, without the mid-to-upper 80s of the previous week.  There was to be birding.

But not for me.

Instead, I got whatever it was my coworker had and today it decided to blast through.  (On Friday I told her I had what she had, she said I didn't, I said I did, and this went back and forth as we've known each other for many years and our relationship is like that of a big weird dysfunctional family where no one looks alike and people say what they think.)  I knew it was coming so I did some needed grocery shopping at 645 a.m. and advised the birders that staying in was in order.

Long story long:  things got worse, a nap was taken, I was awakened by breathing that sounded like a combo of bagpipes and maracas and it was my own breathing.  A call was made, followed by detailed descriptions, with antibiotics and what my doc called "Jewish penicillin" prescribed.  I got the J penicillin at the local Polish grocery and the antibiotics (and some hair product that was on sale buy-one-get-one (I'm sick not stupid) and I came home.  (Done on foot, y'all, because it would have been a much bigger pain to take the car.)  I advised my supervisor of my health situation in case I have to call in tomorrow, I had some of the J penicillin, and took the first dose of antibiotics, and will have some of the lovely cough syrup in a few minutes with every intention of knocking off early.

I am hoping that next week we can get back to just regular talking and maybe I will share how someone at work agreed that Tim Tebow is a terrible quarterback and he is lucky to have gotten any sort of trade at all (even though he will probably sit on the bench for every single game).  Ooops, too late.  There goes that topic!

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