Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things we love that we didn't know we loved but there you have it

Sometimes something comes along that we didn't know existed, or maybe we heard rumors that it might be true, or it existed but it wasn't for us because we would never be in a place or time or situation to experience it.  Sometimes things just pop up right there for us to experience or technology changes and the thing becomes a part of our lives.

About 14 years ago, I was having a discussion with my sister and I said I thought it would one day get to the point where we would be able to buy any song we wanted, that any song could be made onto a musical compilation, probably on a CD of some sort.  Knowing that I am not technologically clever, she asked, "You've heard of this?" (We use very good grammar in our family.)  I said I hadn't but it wasn't hard to imagine.  If someone could make a mix cassette tape, the time had to be coming to not just made mix CDs but to buy songs individually.  Sure enough it happened.  I had nothing to do with it and I would never have been able to have anything to do with it (although I might have been able to issue the ticket that got the whizzes from Point A to Point B to perform their tech tricks had they been my clients) but I was pretty stinking sick of buying CDs for just one song.  That whole thing worked out pretty well for all of us, hasn't it?

Fantastic water pressure and water that can be made any temperature you like gives you a shower that borders on a religious experience.  The steam, the pressure, the size of the shower head, the perfect temperature that's been chosen just then and has a number (which you can't remember because it was in centigrade and you might be a Fahrenheit person) can turn the morning cleansing into a head-clearing, body-energizing, eye-opening wash of transcendence, peace, and clarity.  Such was the shower I had at the Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong.  Separate bathtub, y'all, with a TV built into the wall of the bathtub.

If your sensibilities are delicate, I apologize in advance for the video below.  Clearly, not everything is for everyone and not everyone wants to talk about each thing that happens.  Sometimes I cannot resist.  Sometimes I am just a big old bonehead with friends who are also very sharp but have the bonehead in them, too.  So we can freely discuss the miracle of the heated toilet seat at the Kerry Hotel in Beijing.  We will glance over the rainfall showerhead plus the optional handheld shower wand that was the entry into the bathtub which was deep and long, we will hardly mention there was a clock and a TV built into the mirror of the bathroom, we will barely discuss the 24-hour bar in the lobby -- Beijing's first 24-hour bar -- serving crazily innovative drinks at any time, day or night, a room so hip that I'm surprised they let me darken the doorway.  The miracle is below.  It makes any other toilet situations seem sad and neglectful.  That it exists makes me very happy indeed.

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  1. You totally should put this on youtube. This is hilarious and wonderful.