Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hail, hail, Derrick Rose

It's the first game of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Bulls vs. the 76ers and Philadelphia is playing terribly and the Bulls are ahead.  Derrick Rose fell, injured. 

His ACL is torn y'all and he is out for the playoffs and the finals and until who knows when.  All hail, Derrick Rose!!  I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.  He's a young guy in peak physical condition so we should expect that to be the case.

Derrick Rose is the best player on a team of good players but he is undeniably the best player.  Owing to various injuries in the shortened season, they played quite a few games without him this year and the loss ratio was, according to my feeble calculations, 33%.  That means a 67% win ratio!  I am a big old optimist and have everything crossed hoping that the rest of the team of very good players -- Carlos Boozer, Joaquim Noah, Rip Hamilton to name just three -- can put together the greatest show on Earth, pound lumps, and win it all.

Meanwhile, in Hockeyland, the Blackhawks held it together for one more game and then were overpowered by Phoenix.  Stick a fork in 'em, they're done.  The predictions, finger-pointing, and fan suggestions started immediately, among them, "Trade Patrick Kane."  I have zero opinion on that.  I am still pissed about Raffi Torres clocking Marian Hossa.

Speaking of clocking, Metta World Peace, the professional basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest, got a seven-game suspension for elbowing Oklahoma Thunder guard James Harden in the head, giving him a concussion and making him miss the last two games of regular season play.  Can you feel the peace and love tonight?   In a 13-year career, World Peace has been suspended 116 times.  That is more than one entire season of regular play.  This week, I am hating Metta World Peace.  I am calmed by the fact that when he was on "Dancing with the Stars" last season, he didn't win.  Even though I am totally over "Dancing with the Stars" (because I no longer care).  Even though Metta has kids for whom he needs to provide.  I am sick of stupid displays of bad sportsmanship, anger, and immaturity.  The man's in his 30s; you'd think he'd act like it.  Of course, I am automatically suspicious of someone who changes his name to Metta World Peace because stuff like that is usually a lie or for show.  Just keep your name or a name close to your name and you can be who you are or be a better person without giving yourself a title that is your name.  I could be Insane Freakish Large but who'd really believe it?  Well, in my case, everyone, so oh just skip it.

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