Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yes, yes, another please on the road to maybe

I'll Have Another came from that same place he came from last time (not my ass; that is for trivia answers, airport codes, and the names of airports in other lands)  and won the Preakness in Baltimore, Maryland, by a nose, literally.

 The oddsmakers were so in love with Bodemeister this time.  "Looking good," they said, "Looking GREAT!"  They thought he looked so good that they gave Bodemeister 2-1 odds to win the Preakness at Pimlico.  Bodemeister had a couple of weeks to get to know the new track and get used to it and the climate and the smells, etc.   Whatever it was that horses have to get accustomed to before hitting the turf, Bodemeister was kind of spanking I'll Have Another.

I'll Have Another and his stable pony, Lava Man (who won over $5 million in his own racing career), strolled quietly out to the starting line and then they were off.  (Once they get all the thoroughbreds into their starting gates, they start the race before any further insanity resurfaces.)

Bodemeister was in the lead and it was very exciting but then it became thrilling as I'll Have Another came from the pack and moved and moved and moved and then was neck and neck with Bodemeister and then he pulled a little ahead and he won by a nose.  I was very pleased.  I had not a nickel bet on the race -- parimutuel wagering is best done in person so you can assess the horseflesh and still get it wrong -- but I am loving trainer Doug O'Neill and his happy kids.  And I also adore owner Paul Reddam whose investment has earned him back over $2 million in two weeks.

There are no sure things in sports but especially in horse racing as there are simply too many variables.  What I want is for I'll Have Another to WIN the Belmont Stakes which means he will have WON the triple crown of racing.  Unfortunately, I am one of those for whom things don't work out if I just have hope to go on.  I also want it, making it undoable for me and the universe.  Maybe the universe already knows but isn't talking (as the universe rarely does blab).  Regardless, winning the triple crown of racing will capture the imagination of every horse sperm bank owner everywhere.  Let's agree -- when you win the triple crown, you are super special and they will hook you up with some fine filly so you can impregnate her.  Wow, I know men who'd turn into a horse just to get that kind of action.  And get paid for it?  The ones I'm thinking of have saved every nickel they ever made except for vacations they take featuring hooking up with Working Gals so getting paid to do it is just up their alley (except for the impregnation thing as these fellows are boneheads you wouldn't want to be siring anything).  If it made them stop talking about Vacation Monetary Hookups from their pasts then I'd be indescribably delighted. 

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