Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wants it so bad

So LeBron James and his teammates -- who made the Oklahoma City Thunder look downright puny -- wanted to win their championship rings so bad that they worked together and kept their heads level and won it all at the conclusion of Game 5 in a best four out of seven series. 

Congrats, LeBron.  I would say "now go away" but he has not been all up in our videos with his happiness.  I haven't seen a single LeBron interview or news piece anywhere nor have I been looking.

I learned something this week.  I was talking to my work pal and he said he hated LeBron James too, "but not for the reason you do.  You hate him because of what he said, right?"  Yes, I confirmed that I did.  He said, "I hate him too, too, but I hate him because he didn't come to Chicago."  Interesting, yes?  "And," he added, "unlike Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley and a lot of other elite players, he doesn't go off on his teammates."  Because I wasn't paying too much attention back then, I missed Michael Jordan -- possibly the greatest professional basketball player of all time -- ripping new ones for his teammates when they didn't play up to his standards.  He said LeBron never ever does that.  Ever.  And he's been in the NBA for a while.

Here is what I learned:  LeBron got what he wanted and went into hibernation; LeBron doesn't scream at coworkers who don't do their jobs the way he thinks their jobs should be done; LeBron would have made my friend happier had he come to Chicago and I would have dealt with that giant ego just fine if he had.

Congrats to the Miami fans, too.  Good for you to have something to be proud of!  In honor of this momentous time I hope no hurricanes blow you right off the map.  Seriously. I know people in Miami and the world would be a crappy place without them.

Next week will be the start of something new:  a serialized story with plot, characters, and situations. Oh, I think so!

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