Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tell Your Mother She Wants You

Last week we talked about those teens who can barely wait to come to the city so they can see art and see awesome things that can be found in the city.

This week, our beloved Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and there was a parade and a downtown celebration and ill-mannered teens came downtown with liquor they'd stolen from their parents which they put in thermos bottles.  Clever!  No one ever ever ever has thought of that before.

I work in an urban train station that serves the northern and northwestern suburbs of Chicago.  When I entered the building, there were multiple clumps of teenagers who'd come into town for the day.  I say clumps because they weren't going anywhere.  They were standing around and chatting, sharing their thermos bottles filled with booze.  Standing near the bottom of an escalator was just as good as off to the side.  Standing in front of the mailboxes would also do.  They were also very, very loud.  It was 7:15 a.m.

"But you must see things like that all the time if you work in a train station!"  No, no, no, no.  The G8 or a NATO conference or a sports team winning big is what brings them in.  When the Hawks won last time, school was still in session.  Because of the shortened season that started and finished late, everyone was out of school and there is no better way to spend one's summer than disrupting the working world.

In past blogs, I've remarked how well mannered Hawks fans are compared to other fans, like the Cubs, the Bulls, and even the Lyric Opera.  These were not those fans.  These were children looking for an excuse to be drunk and unruly and come downtown and scream.   Yes, there were adults who'd be doing that but they're 21 and can buy their own hooch; they don't go to the liquor cabinets of their parents and pour something into that handy thermos.

There were still plenty of Hawks junior fans hanging around at the end of the day but we bolted from the building so we didn't have to look at them.  We had a bigger idea!  My friend wanted to go to a local grocery store where he bought two 1.75 liter bottles of vodka.  It's okay, though because he's an adult, and while he wore red in honor of the Blackhawks, he did it mostly so he could wear his matching sandals.

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