Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flamingo Schlamingo

Y'all, it's a lovely cool weekend and Bears Training Camp has opened in Bourbonnais, IL, out in the intense cornfields.   It takes at least an hour for me to get there.  I went once, bedazzled by Love of Bears Syndrome.  I have since been stricken anew with the condition called If It Takes Over An Hour To Get There And I Am Not Getting Damn Autographs From Anyone But People Who Might Get Cut Then I Ain't Going.  If I want to be ignored I will go hang out in a hipster bar.  I can get to one of those within 10 minutes and I harbor no hope for how that might turn out.  The Bears want their fans to come and then basically ignore them.

I've stated this in  years past:  the fans are what make you a commodity, Messrs. Bears.  If the fans stopped caring about yours asses, you'd be bagging groceries and hanging on street corners, wishing you'd finished your degree programs.  Yeah, yeah, you heard me.  If you have fans, treat 'em nice so they stay your fans.  Of course there are exceptions!  There are always exceptions!  EXAMPLE:  Hunter Hillenmeyer, forced out of the NFL by a concussion, earned a sweet MBA at Northwestern, which means the bagging groceries/hanging on corners scenario does not apply.

After training camp, we will experience the extreme agony of exhibition football, i.e. why the feck does the NFL allow its best players to maybe get screwed up for the season?, followed by pre-season ball, i.e. good grief the NFL and owners value money more than the talent of their players.  "It's a business!" you might cry.  What's the cost of that particular business, y'all?

But then the season starts and in spite of my best efforts to do otherwise, I will pay attention, I will have discussions with other fans, I will sing "Bear Down Chicago Bears" a couple of times, and I will care.  I will also figure out a way to get this one view of Flamingo so I can drop that topic for good.

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