Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Flamingo!

So I was over by the Calder in Federal Plaza, having been disappointed by yet another day of zero mail delivery at the post office.  It had rained but the rain clouds had passed.  People love taking pictures of their loved ones when they are on vacation.  Sometimes they are taking pictures that I know will be a picture of the thing -- a Chicago landscape or some landmark or other -- and the person(s) will be a dot(s) in the picture as well.  I then have to decide if it's worth it to me to offer my services, i.e. "Do you want me to take your picture?" My photos of things are respectable but my pictures of people are really quite nice.  I don't know why but I can really get the best out of total strangers.

In this case, I let it go.  The young man kept sending the woman farther and farther away.  She was going to be a dot in the picture.  She could be a total stranger.  He missed the TV show I saw in the early 70s where a photographer, giving tips on how to take good vacation picture said, "Bring the person with you into the picture.  You're taking a picture of them and the Eiffel Tower, not the Eiffel Tower and them."  One can tell from demeanor if the person is approachable or not and the guy wanted to take his serious picture which was fine with me because one of my favorite things to photograph is people taking pictures of other people.  Thanks, Young Serious European Man!

(He was also opening himself up for serious Photobombing.  I've inadvertently been a photobomber -- a grandma lined up her daughter and three granddaughters on the steps by where I was sitting.  I was scanning the approaching crowd for the people I was meeting and not really paying attention to all the touristic scrambling.  Had they said, "Might you please move?" then I'd have done so.  They did not and I suddenly realized it was coming.  I smiled sweetly.  I've deliberately photobombed -- I was dining with a work friend, the two tourist couples at the next table asked their waiter to take their picture.  He lined it up perfectly with me in the middle.  Yeah, I smiled but it was that of a fricking-loser-idiot-asshole photobomber who was not at all sorry she did it.)

No, the lady in the black sleeves is not his subject (and l'auteur has a nice cigarette in his left hand)

Way off in the distance, his subject is the lady in the red pants

They left, I was distracted, and snapped.  The angle makes even me dizzy but I like it.

It rained!  Then it stopped!  Federal Plaza at 5:30pm on a weekday

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  1. What the girl in the red pants should of done is walk away and see if he noticed. :-P