Sunday, August 25, 2013

Destination: Flamingo

When it's a lovely, clear day in Chicago, there are other places I might also suggest a tourist go to sit and watch the world walk by and Federal Plaza is a another great place to pause and enjoy.  (Hey! "Meet me under Flamingo" could be a thing!)  Here are some reasons to choose Flamingo and Federal Plaza:

1.  A nice, steady flow of locals.
    1.a.  Weekly farmers market featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables and locally baked goods.
    1.b.  Occasional protest march/action ending/beginning in Federal Plaza.
    1.c.  A mediocre Oktoberfest featuring loud bands, drunken young professionals, and decent beer.
    1.d.  [Insert nationality here]fest but Daley Plaza is the preferred venue for that sort of fest.

2.  A nice, steady flow of tourists.    
3.  The law enforcement officials that linger and rest for a minute.  I was advised that about 60 minutes after the picture below was taken there were five or six bicycle police officers congregated together by Flamingo instead of the single one I caught.  Since it's Federal Plaza, there are sometimes many different law enforcement groups in attendance, sometimes on horseback.  Of course, the CIA guys?  If they're doing their jobs right we will never ever know which ones they are.

4.  Flamingo is pretty darn awesome.

5.  Just five blocks west of Flamingo, in the Wacker St. lobby of the Willis Tower, there's another Calder called "The Universe."  It's a mobile but powered by electricity.  It's worth the visit because there is just so much going on it.  I would bore you all to death with my photos of it but I am never close enough to the Willis Tower to go in and snap a pic, ever ever ever.  Occasionally I whiz by on a bus bound for Federal Plaza but that's about it.  Here is a link with very jumpy camera work:  )

Take a load off!  It's Calder!

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