Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flamingo set to stun!

It depends on the time of day that I approach, but it's usually about 5 pm, after work, that I've made my way to Federal Plaza.  One day was right after a rain and I grabbed a few Panorama shots and didn't wait for everyone to leave.  The remains of the passersby were tremendous.  Observe:

He had a cart, he was booking, he might even be flipping me off.

No, this wasn't the Twin Parade.  XOXO to Panorama!   

A day later, it seemed like it could become a Transformer and blow a hole in that movie franchise.
(No need to blow a hole, just make it stop.)

Ready?  Aim! ...

One of my favorite summer flowers is the hollyhock, especially the red ones.  In Detroit, where I grew up, if people had alleys behind their homes, they seemed to plant them near their garbage cans.  Bees also love hollyhocks so taking out the trash or even walking down an alley was an adventure.
No bees! 5:30 pm on a weekday

I walked from the Blue Line El stop to the library and found this red offering which I am pleased to share.

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