Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh, please stop talking about Flamingo already

I left work early on Thursday as I had an hour overtime that I had to take.  I got over to Federal Plaza, guards were still on duty in the lobby of the Kluczynski Federal Building, and I went in and asked a question.

"Can I go to the passport office, please?  I want to take a picture out the window."

This brought a barrage of negatives.  The passport office takes no one after 3:30 pm.  No pictures can be taken inside that building.  No pictures can be taken inside that building looking out.  No pictures.  No.  None.  Nope.  Ixnay.

My response:  "Really?  Really?  Really?" to every single negative.


Finally one of the guards gave information.  (Clearly, when you see just saying no is not enough, give up something even if you know the something will probably lead nowhere.  It will stop the flurry of "really?" and get the strange woman out of your face.)  Get approval from the General Services Administration (GSA) and maybe I could do it, he said.  Call them, he said, or write them a letter.  He couldn't let me up there to visit them because it was 4:10 pm and they close at 4 pm.  I said thanks and strolled out with information (maybe solid, maybe gassy).

I haven't called them yet but I will because for me, there is one last shot that needs to be taken of Flamingo, and until I get it, I'll feel like the horse that I'm beating to death still has some life.

Until then, allow this picture taken from the architecture firm on the second floor of the Marquette Building which looks upon Federal Plaza and offers an interesting perspective.

From the 2nd floor of the Marquette, overlooking Adams and Federal Plaza; Dearborn is on the left
Yeah, I'd be staring out the window all the doodah day.

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