Sunday, October 27, 2013

May You Tube bring you joy

So what do you like? you might ask me.  Like if you were roaming around You Tube, looking at stuff, what would you look at? you might ask me.  Since you've asked so nicely, I will share.

You Tube has cats.  Lots and lots cats.  I like to look at some cats but not too many cats.  Maru is a Japanese cat who lives in or near Tokyo.  He loves boxes, his owners love him, they love putting his antics on You Tube, people love cats on You Tube, a star is born.  I used to subscribe to Maru's You Tube channel but it's someone else's cat and he is like cartoon-cat pretty but I will never be able to give him a sweet kitty hug.  There seem to be limitless boxes in Japan; still Maru is just a cute cat who does cute cat things.  I unsubscribed.

You Tube has Jenna Marbles.  Jenna Marbles is a cute, well educated young woman who has managed to make a career out of her You Tube videos about her life and her imperfections and her two sweet little dogs.  She's great, the dogs seem to always be smiling, her language is foul, and I find them amusing to watch when I choose to watch.  Subscribe?  Nah, but I wish her nothing but continued success because she is smart and clever and doesn't take all of this fame too seriously.

You Tube makes stars out of people like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  They've worked hard for their fame and they are awesome.  I say it again:  They are awesome.  Awe-freaking-some.  "Thrift Shop" is insanely genius.  "Same Love" is touching and tender.  "Can't Hold Us" makes me want to do step aerobics, even if I'm driving in my car.  Seen all of that?  Listen to "Penis Song." 

My favorite by far and for quite a while is The Slow Mo Guys.  They blow up stuff.  They shoot arrows through things.  They put a drop of water onto the surface of more water.  They shoot a gun underwater.  They are Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy.  Gavin's a cinematographer who specializes in slow motion photography.  Dan's in the British Army.  Just when I think I will be sick of their stuff, they do something like put paint on a speaker, crank it up to You Will Be Deaf, and make me realized I didn't know just how much a speaker throbs.  They blew up a car.  They had dozens and dozens of geeks throw water balloons at them and taped the attack in slow motion.  (Seriously, geeks with water balloons have surprisingly good aim and throw nothing like girls.)

For your viewing pleasure, here are three videos which you might've seen already, which might make you happy.

First, the French Ninja Cats:

Next, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and the uncensored "Thrift Shop":

Finally, the Slow Mo Guys, a pool in the fall, and a gun:

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