Sunday, November 3, 2013

He drives

Yesterday, I spent the better part of a day with my friend and his friend who was visiting from Dallas.  She told stories of road construction.  One particular road is going from like 6 lanes to 26 lanes.  TWENTY-SIX LANES OF TRAFFIC!  North of Dallas.

"And," I said, "I bet no homes were knocked down for it."

"Very few," she said.

Texas has oodles of space, y'all, and can accommodate a 26-lane highway with very little displacement.  It's almost hard to imagine.  From her description, almost every highway in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is under major construction.  That's also almost hard to imagine.  But everything, I gather, is totally effed up and it takes a couple of hours to go 50 miles on an interstate.

My friend's friend is a lucky person.  Her situation is enviable.  She lives with her dad who is 88.  Her dad is totally with it.  He makes no insane demands on her.  He still drives.  Think about that:  He still drives.  All of that makes for a very lucky situation.  His 15-year old Buick recently died -- in the driveway as they pulled in, right outside his door -- and would be moving no more as the engine was blown.  He decided to buy a new car.

Think about that, please:  He's 88 and he decided to buy a new car. 

It wasn't as easy as 1-2-3 but after going back and forth between a couple of dealers, including one in Fort Worth, 50 miles from home (hence the information about Dallas-Fort Worth road construction), they ended up buying at a dealer right by their home.  He got a great deal on a 2014 Camry with a sunroof because he wanted a sunroof.  As she said, "He's 88 and if he wants a sunroof, well, he deserves it." He even got them to give him $400 for his deceased Buick.

So the Toyota Camry in Attitude Black -- described as black with blue flecks and pretty -- has come to their house.  It is driven by the 88-year-old man whose Texas drivers license is in order, whose daughter lives with him (he helped her out by letting her move in when her personal life went awry and its worked out well for them both), who takes her dog out for long walks every day.

Please let me say it again:  he drives.

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