Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm in love with the Man in the Moon

The moon looked pretty damn full last Tuesday night when my brother-in-law brought over the whoopie pie my sister made.  The whoopie pie was also full of deliciousness and when I gave it my attention, I ingested it pretty quickly.

Before I put that tasty thing into my gob, I went outside to get a picture of the moon.  I live in a city.  It wasn't like in Bremerton, Washington, standing by the harbor where there are many charming boats and not a lot of lights and you can get a good shot of the orb without a lot of city-light distractions.  Chicago is a city that likes its streetlights -- I am pretty fond of them myself -- and I went outside and stood pretty much underneath one so I could get the moon and not trees.  (Chicago also has lots of trees.)  I managed to keep still and my new love, the Man in the Moon, made my evening.

Is my new love sticking his tongue out at me?

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  1. Streetlights and moonlight. I grew up in St. Louis, a city with a not totally undeserved reputation for being fiscally conservative. When pressed for the need for electric street lights in Forest Park, an old German mayor famously responded, “We got the moon, ain’t it?”