Sunday, December 29, 2013

Five things that are great and how could you possibly disagree?

HAPPY 2014!

We are keeping it nonsexual here, folks.

FIRST and above all other things including food and even birthday cake is my absolutely tip top favorite thing -- a hot shower.  Don't get me started.  The water, the pressure, the heat, the cleanliness.  Dear god in heaven, a shower beats it all.

2.  A performance by a musician who is giving everything and gives everything every time and has a great talent and a lot to give.  A musician who never ever phones it in, doesn't think you're a philistine because you don't like that kind of music, but here, it's all here, all of it and more, just in case you change your mind.

Third:  CHAMPAGNE.  Not Andre.  Not the expensive vintage stuff.  Solid, nonvintage champagne that can be found for $12.99 to $38.  Brut so it's dry yet a smidge fruity and as it goes down reminds you that la vie est vraiment belle, it really is.

4. Going to the movies.  I am of the group who goes to a movie to see the movie.  I don't eat.  (If you must have popcorn, I don't judge you.  Please chew quietly.)  I don't drink anything.  (I don't want to have to use the restroom in the middle of the movie.)  I don't talk much (if I even say a thing).  Going to see a movie in a movie theatre is a beautiful thing and as the director intended.

5.  PAYDAY!  Yeah, yeah, you've got money and you are rich.  How wonderful and lovely and special for you.  I don't envy you because I can experience the joy of realizing it is payday and there is again hard-earned cash in my bank account.  It is joy.  It is elation.  It is something simple, like a shower or a song by someone giving everything they have, that can make a questionable day much better as often as every other week.


R.I.P. Chicago Bears 2013 Season.  In the last 44 seconds of the game, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers pulled pure talent and skill out of their rumps and scored a touchdown, leaving the Bears with 44 seconds to get it back.  It's Jay Cutler, y'all, so that was that.  (I really thought they had it won.  I need to not think so much.)  We have the better part of 2014 to dream of better.  The good news:  Robbie Gould signed a contract extension for four more years!  Four more years of magnificent kicking!  I should have included him in five great things and how could you possibly disagree.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

My Christmas gift to me and to you:  No blog this week!  I wracked my brain about what the topic might be as I stood in line at Ulta to buy hair dye, lip balm, and lipstick at 20% off.  I thought and thought as I drove to Target to get a small infant gift for a newborn.  I considered and contemplated as I drove home.  I then realized that the best Xmas gift is nothing at all for any of us to think up or read, respectively.

Next week is the blog before the new year and some topics might be:

1.  Bears football (joy because the Bears are going to the playoffs or misery because they aren't).

2.  Resolutions for 2014 (last year I resolved to taste as many olives as I could and I did, too, by the end of January and they all taste like ... olives).

3.  Five things that are damn great and how can you possibly disagree?

4.  All/Some of the above.

Merry Christmas to all and for those who, like me, have to work on Christmas Eve until 5pm and then be back the day after Christmas at 8am, I say, "My sympathies.  I know your pain."

A picture of Santa Claus at the CTA station at O'Hare Airport:
Here comes Fatty with his sackful of crap

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Congrats and I am bushed

Massive congratulations to my niece, Claire, who graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit last night.  Summa cum laude, bitches!  It was a very nice event.  Her parents and sister and I all braved constant snowfall which added up to 7 inches.  Detroit has negative money, which mean snow removal on the other-than-main streets takes not just forever but the next part of forever as well or a mid-winter thaw or the arrival of spring.  I am pleased to report drivers were not driving too fast, they were mostly considerate, and we took our time and respected the situation.  And it was a great day!  My niece, Claire, graduated summa cum laude from college!

The snow was exhausting, however, I am going to knock off, unpack, and go to bed early.

And did I mention it?  My niece, Claire, graduated summa cum laude from college!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The city in the air

Where and what the F?

I have a new camera and I like it a lot.  Using it, I successfully got a couple of handheld photos of the moon.  I was hoping to get a cool picture of a city from a boat on the water.  I was unsuccessful and I was wholly successful.  I am disappointed and I am thrilled.

The disappointment comes from it not looking how it's supposed to look which is like downtown Seattle across Puget Sound.  (What did I expect?  The boat was moving fast, there was a lot of late fall wind, and the was a certain degree of rocking.)  The thrill comes from my wild imagination and what this picture could really be.

It's a city from the future!  It's from another dimension, a la The Golden Compass.  It's on another planet that I just happened to be visiting.  It's a mess and it's beautiful and it's stacked and it's electric.  It's welcoming and formidable and what is up with that cloud (the only thing that successfully moved over).  It's an utter flop and I could not hope for anything better.

And if it were an alternate planet or dimension or universe, what would I do when I got there?  Look for handbags, natch.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rest your head in the Mushroom Forest

The Pacific Northwest offers rain, rain, moisture, rain, drizzling, showers, the skies opening up and depositing water, and, in case I'd not mentioned it, rain.  All that precipitation gives us beautiful green forests and from the moist earth can spring absolutely ginormous mushrooms.  Now look at this picture.  Those mushrooms are so huge you could just walk under one and set up a table and some chairs and have a nice hot cup of tea and catch up with friends, their fungal gutters catching excess drips.  Or you could roll out your sleeping bag and knock off for the night, your head protected from the elements.  I'm not saying that a slug or six won't crawl into your bag as you doze, but I think this just looks inviting and cozy.  Except that one mushroom?  On the left?  Why does it look like it's been through a storm?  It's gathering liquid up top but it should hold out just fine for one more night.   Rest for the night.  Relax.  Sing "The Song of the Slug" as you drift off and then be awakened by birds.  (I am most willing to hear different versions of "The Song of the Slug.")