Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

My Christmas gift to me and to you:  No blog this week!  I wracked my brain about what the topic might be as I stood in line at Ulta to buy hair dye, lip balm, and lipstick at 20% off.  I thought and thought as I drove to Target to get a small infant gift for a newborn.  I considered and contemplated as I drove home.  I then realized that the best Xmas gift is nothing at all for any of us to think up or read, respectively.

Next week is the blog before the new year and some topics might be:

1.  Bears football (joy because the Bears are going to the playoffs or misery because they aren't).

2.  Resolutions for 2014 (last year I resolved to taste as many olives as I could and I did, too, by the end of January and they all taste like ... olives).

3.  Five things that are damn great and how can you possibly disagree?

4.  All/Some of the above.

Merry Christmas to all and for those who, like me, have to work on Christmas Eve until 5pm and then be back the day after Christmas at 8am, I say, "My sympathies.  I know your pain."

A picture of Santa Claus at the CTA station at O'Hare Airport:
Here comes Fatty with his sackful of crap

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