Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rest your head in the Mushroom Forest

The Pacific Northwest offers rain, rain, moisture, rain, drizzling, showers, the skies opening up and depositing water, and, in case I'd not mentioned it, rain.  All that precipitation gives us beautiful green forests and from the moist earth can spring absolutely ginormous mushrooms.  Now look at this picture.  Those mushrooms are so huge you could just walk under one and set up a table and some chairs and have a nice hot cup of tea and catch up with friends, their fungal gutters catching excess drips.  Or you could roll out your sleeping bag and knock off for the night, your head protected from the elements.  I'm not saying that a slug or six won't crawl into your bag as you doze, but I think this just looks inviting and cozy.  Except that one mushroom?  On the left?  Why does it look like it's been through a storm?  It's gathering liquid up top but it should hold out just fine for one more night.   Rest for the night.  Relax.  Sing "The Song of the Slug" as you drift off and then be awakened by birds.  (I am most willing to hear different versions of "The Song of the Slug.")

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