Sunday, December 8, 2013

The city in the air

Where and what the F?

I have a new camera and I like it a lot.  Using it, I successfully got a couple of handheld photos of the moon.  I was hoping to get a cool picture of a city from a boat on the water.  I was unsuccessful and I was wholly successful.  I am disappointed and I am thrilled.

The disappointment comes from it not looking how it's supposed to look which is like downtown Seattle across Puget Sound.  (What did I expect?  The boat was moving fast, there was a lot of late fall wind, and the was a certain degree of rocking.)  The thrill comes from my wild imagination and what this picture could really be.

It's a city from the future!  It's from another dimension, a la The Golden Compass.  It's on another planet that I just happened to be visiting.  It's a mess and it's beautiful and it's stacked and it's electric.  It's welcoming and formidable and what is up with that cloud (the only thing that successfully moved over).  It's an utter flop and I could not hope for anything better.

And if it were an alternate planet or dimension or universe, what would I do when I got there?  Look for handbags, natch.

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