Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thanks, NY Times and Pharrell Williams

I am a huge fan of the New York Times.  For the past two years I've managed to be vigilant enough to be just ahead of losing my fifty-percent-off subscription price and renewing at the discounted price.  Sometimes it goes for three months, sometimes four, but the most recent renewal lasts six months.  I can almost relax -- but not really because then I might forget.  I have stickies on my calendar at work.  This particular calendar -- I use three separate ones at work -- shows paydays, birthdays of peripheral work friends, my vacation days, and when the NY Times expires.  (Calendar two is just a calendar that shows the whole year; calendar three is my social, medical, and serious birthday calendar.)

On December 25, 2012, the New York Times wrote an article about Pharrell Williams and the video of his song, "Happy."  If you've not read your 10 free NY Times articles this month, you might enjoy it:

Pharrell Williams has made a video of his song, "Happy."  It's 24 hours long.  It has Pharrell himself singing the song on the hour -- yes, that is 24 times -- but the rest of the clock is filled with people lip-synching and dancing or just walking and grooving along with the song in various Los Angeles locations around the clock.   Check it out:

Pharrell Williams had a very good 2013.  He wrote "Happy" for the Disney blockbuster, "Despicable Me 2," and the song was nominated for an Oscar (as was the movie).  He sang on the Robin Thicke megahit, "Blurred Lines."  (Yes, the video totally objectifies women; yes, there is that whole lawsuit unpleasantness; it's still a great dancing song.)  He was a guest coach on "The Voice."  He sang on the Daft Punk disco homage album, "Random Access Memories," including the major hit, "Get Lucky."  (Pharrell wears suit and tie on the video and looks very fine.)  Pharrell Williams made a 24-hour-long video of "Happy" which can't be played on any smartphone.  (I just got a smartphone and was pleased that it wouldn't let me watch it; a smartphone isn't enough of a venue for "24 Hours of Happy.")

Here in the Midwest it's cold and terrible.  In my town we're already 40 inches over the average snowfall.  Tuesday it won't be getting over 9 degrees.  Maybe "24 Hours of Happy" will give you a warm feeling.  If that doesn't work, try subscribing to the New York Times.

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