Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy belated VD

Valentine's Day came and went and  the best thing I saw was at Mariano's Fresh Foods.  It was a big chunk of watermelon carved into a heart shape, shaved and rounded on the top and sides to make it look appetizing, amusing, and like it was true love's melon.  They put berries -- rasp, blue, and straw -- around the edges and parked it on a lettuce leaves for color.  It was hilarious, really.  I'd never considered that particular fruit for VD but watermelon might be the thing that says "I Love You" to someone who's very health conscious or else someone like me who finds it refreshing and a fruit pick-me-up.  The color, after all, is perfect.

I bought that watermelon heart for myself.  I should have taken a picture of it but I instead cut it in half and ate half yesterday and half today.  It was perfectly ripe seedless watermelon with just the right sweetness and texture.  Happy VD to me, I say!

And Happy VD to you, too.

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