Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just Amazing

Maybe you think that Super Bowl XLVIII was the major darn blowout that it was and you are right.  And maybe you don't think that; maybe you think it was simply a bloodbath and WTF?  The game featured a small (5'11") Seattle QB and his team crushing -- really, all that remained was a bit of powder -- the Denver Broncos.  (I am not going to say the name of the Denver QB as, wow, what the hell?)  It started with a safety.  A safety almost never happens.  (When I first started with this blog someone mentioned a safety to me and I had to go look up what it was.)  (And so can you.  I still had to go back and reread what it is when the Seahawks got the two points this time and I think I get it but don't make me explain it.)  It went downhill from there.  After the halftime show, I watched "Downton Abbey," hoping things would turn around.  I got back to the game in time to see the Seahawks score yet another touchdown.  WTF indeed.

Here's the strangest thing of all:  Everyone agreed -- I did My Personal Straw Poll -- that the star of Super Bowl XLVIII was Bruno Mars and his halftime show.  A good 75% of those people said, "I wasn't a Bruno Mars fan and I wondered what the hell they were thinking getting him for the halftime show, but that was tremendous."  He brought along the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno's big show backed them up.  (Does it look like the musicians are not playing?  They're not.  Flea of RHCP was told by the NFL in no uncertain terms that they can handle miking the singers (and Bruno's solo drums) but not much else.  Flea -- the one in the red pants -- decided it was great to be a part of this spectacle and went with it all the way.  See?  He's not even playing for real and he still gives everything he has and without a shirt in 40º weather.)  He ended with a 50-yard-line solo of his hit, "Just the Way You Are."  Bruno puts it all out there; regular readers of this blog know that a musician putting it all out there is one of my favorite things.  He can sell a slow song; he can put together a powerful big number with dancing horn players.  The MVP was Bruno Mars.

In honor of the real MVP and in case you missed it, here's the Bruno Mars halftime show:

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