Sunday, March 16, 2014

So check it out

"Post Secret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard."

That's the idea behind Post Secret.  Make an art postcard with your secret and send it to Frank Warren, the founder of Post Secret.  Frank gets hundreds and hundreds of secrets and he goes through and chooses which ones to share.  Secrets cover the gamut -- a woman who is annoyed that her mother-in-law buys her Costco muffins all the time and, two weeks later, that she was sorry she sent that secret because her mother-in-law is a wonderful, generous, caring woman; how someone didn't commit suicide and a year later was better; how someone wasn't sorry for turning in a criminal who  was doing hard time (it was a Polaroid showing the man celebrating at a Mexican restaurant, drinking a Margarita, and wearing a huge sombrero with a black strip over his face to protect his identity) -- and they're published by Frank every week.

It's the way to make some art, share your secret, get it off your chest, and go on with life and no one knows it's you.  It may or may not be published but the secret is gone and, in theory, out of your life (but is it?).  Frank now travels the world and has Post Secret evenings at colleges and universities.  From what I've seen on the blog,  after Frank talks about Post Secret and the work it does -- suicide prevention is a major cause for Frank -- people get up and share secrets.  For me, that's against the spirit of anonymity provided by the blog but I guess the audience loves it and people are relieved by finally sharing the secret.  There are stories of people picking up one of the published Post Secret books and finding a secret tucked into the pages by another store patron.  There is now a Post Secret play.  Post Secret is huge.

Every Sunday, Frank puts out a new selection of secrets and, recently, added classic secrets from Post Secret's early days.  I've been reading Post Secret for over seven years.  (I'm not a fan of the books because it's like being a contestant on your favorite TV game show:  You've just had too much of it at once and you need to walk away from it for a while and get back to normal before you can watch it again.  The blog is just the right amount.)  I have even considered being on Facebook so I can read look at Post Secrets on Facebook (but then, I just don't wanna).

As of right now, the visitor count is 659,387,941.  People love them some Post Secret.

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